Friday, February 1, 2013


The ARIZONA COBRAS traded Frankie Masterson , Keith Halter and Terry Worrell to the MEMPHIS BLUES for Tommy Peterman and 3,000,000
Arizona picked up a Pitching Horse good for 230+ innings a year. Memphis went thru the Cobras Cupboards and grabbed 3 nice prospect. Good for both squads.Starting Pitchin ain't cheap!

The CHICAGO BLEACHER BUMS traded Jake Alston and 2,300,000 to the PITTSBURGH PIRATES for Alving Franco
The Pirates get a starting pitcher that won't cost them any money.The Bleacher Bums get a player who could be a solid shortstop if his health holds out. 

The HELENA BARKING MOONBATS traded Jumbo MacFarlane , Larry Walker and 1,000,000 to the PITTSBURGH PIRATES for Todd Flores and Cesar Melendez
The Barking Moonbats get younger with the addition of a young slugger, who could be up for ROY and should be a fantastic M L hitter. He also picked up a  young pitcher who can be a 20 game winner with the right team.Pittsburgh gets another starting pitcher with several years left on his contract and a hitter who can't hit right hand pitching. I think I would have kept Flores but my team sucks what do I know??


J.B. Battle
Missed 2 weeks with a sore shoulder.

Rodrigo Merced
The last time we saw Rodrigo Merced on the DL,  I nicknamed him "I got Mine" . Because he just signed a big contract and went down in the first week. But since that day he has been pretty reliable, until now. He will miss 2 months this year and next year he will be 39. Time to take a knee and retire ?? Now I will call him Rodrigo "Mortis" Merced.

Ren Chang
Just a little stumble for Ren "and Stimpy" Chang . He is already back to playing after a irritated Rubber Nipple incident. Hang Em!!

Timothy Person
Timothy doesn't like it when Timothy "First" Person goes on the DL. But Timothy Knows that Timothy is ready to come back after a strained Quad. Timothy Likes!

Ryan Vaughn
This is the first trip to the DL for Ryan "on Golden" Vaughn. He will be a top free agent next year and may get the Golden 20-120 contract. A Golden Parachute??

Koji Martin
Koji Martin was well on his way to reaching his projection.Now when he turns 27 next year he will still be good but what might have been?? He will miss 2 months with a sore rotator cuff.

Diego Arredondo
When I last wrote about Diego "DA" Arredondo on the DL in season 18. I called him the Prosecuter. He will miss 4 months with a Labrum tear and Goldenbaer has been Persecuted. The DA is DOA!!

Miguel Blanco
Talk about Persecution! Dodgersgale just had his second stud SP go down . This time it's Miguel "Blanked" Blanco and he will miss 2 months with a strained elbow. That Blanken,Blankety,Blank Blank Sucks!!


Che-Hsuan Zhang
Age: 21B/T: R/R
Born: Tokyo, JP
Position(s): 3B/COF/DH
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Another warm body in rookie league.But he will get to go to S/T.

Einar Tavarez
Shock Squad
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Rio San Juan, DO
Position(s): 2B
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1.5 million for this solid AAA player. Could be a good player but a DITR bump will make him golden. Cross your fingers Coach.

Diego DaSilva
Shock Squad
Age: 18B/T: L/R
Born: Bani, DO
Position(s): C
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Hell i would picked him up just for ths stache. he will be on the all Mustache League.

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