Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Ehull11-Ehull has his Coat Factories atop the A L East and the best record in Wrigleyville.His teams have always been very good even if he didn't win the division until now.Here is what one owner had to say while nominating Ehull. Ehull is the front runner,no doubt.Voting for ehull11. Look at the record he put together this season. WOW! .723 winning percentage as of this post. Sheesh!

Dodgersgale- Dodger won 101 games and the A L North. It's a nice rebound from a 78 win season 20. Thats a 23 game improvement and them trades are paying off. One owner said this of Dodger. Hey, I'll nominate dodgersgale for this year's award. He's done a great job of building his team & really getting them moving in the right direction. I think they'll be a player in the AL for a long time.

Aaronwayne- Aaronwayne's Prairie Dogs have been a force for the past 9 years. Consistancy should be rewarded and could be why Aaron garnered several nominations.Here is one nomination comment. My nomination for the Durocher this year is aaronwayne and his mighty Prairie Dog squad. He has a proven track record of sustained excellence,but this year has been a particular challenge in the East as the resurgent Bruins have emerged as a true powerhouse with a tremendous stockpile of talent amassed through tanking by previous management. Aaron’s risen to that challenge,making the necessary adjustments and roster moves to not only secure a WC spot, but to put himself within spitting distance of the division title going on a 30-8 run (as of this writing) right down the stretch when it matters most.

Mdymond- Mdymond is back atop the vaunted A L West after finishing 3rd for the past 4 years. The Salmonbellies finished with the second best record in Wrigleyville and should be considered a front runner.Here is what one nominating owner said. Mdymond is my nominee for owner of the year because he's been holding me off for the AL West lead all season! His power hitters are ridiculous, too

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