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Charlotte Sometimes (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Like I said in last years preview. This team will be good in a few years just not yet. The Sometimes are still cooking them prospects and perhaps they will be ready to serve soon. The Sometimes won 13 more games than last season with 4th best defense (75 team errors) and average hitting (.262 team BA). Hattons Hurlers were the 7th worst pitching team(4.83 team ERA) and that is probably why they finished below .500.Looks like Hatton is making a move with a combination of the free agents and promotions. One thing is apparent , The Sometimes are a better team talentwise. Now can they play like it?? This division is weak and they could take it. PREDICTION:85-77

OUT: Albert Mendoza , Taylor Riggs , Miguel Lind , Pasqual Ontiveros , Duane Belinda

IN: Garry Olsen , Luther Rapp , Kirk Tomko

PREVIEW: The Sometimes played up to their talent and won the division.It took Hatton eight long seasons ,but finally he's a division champ. Charlotte won 86 games with the 4th best hitting team (.283 team BA) and good defense (85 errors, .980 FPct). The pitching needs some work though, 4.86 team ERA ranked 21st in Wrigleyville. In the post season Charlotte went on a run beating the 97 win Prairie Dogs, 101 win New Britain and 102 win Salem. Hatton found himself in the World Series but couldn't get past the 116 win Burlington. Still...a A L Championship Trophy will look good in the Trophy Case. In the off-season Hatton let Mendoza, Riggs and Lind go to free agency. He released Ontiveros and waived Belinda. With just a few spots open he signed free agents Olsen and Rapp and traded for Tomko. Hatton dished out big signing bonuses for Olsen and Rapp. Hope they play like it. Even if they don't this team is favored to win the division and could make it back to the Series. PREDICTION:90-72

Little Rock
Little Rock Posse (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Posse finished pretty close to last years prediction. And It gives me no comfort for I love Posse and I want them to succeed. With Wrigleyvilles worst defense (.987 FPct-32nd and 136 team errors-32nd) It's easy to diagnose what went wrong last year.All the free agents were good defensive players and the promotions of talented pitchers should improve this team. Can they win the division....yes. It depends on how the youngsters play. PREDICTION:84-78

OUT: Vicente Azocar , Julio Fuentes , Don Coleman , Nolan Glauber

IN: Vladimir Gonzales , Wilfredo Brogna , Jimmie Sosa , Grant Ventura

PREVIEW: The Posse rode hard but in the end they came up short. The 76 wins was Little Rocks best showing since season 14.....Giddy-up! Last year Illicits team had very good hitting (.280 team ERA-7th), poor pitching (5.12 team ERA-27th) and defense (125 errors, .979 FPct-28th). In the off-season Illicit re-signed George Cordova and let Azocar, Fuentes, Coleman and Glauber go to free agency. He then claimed Gonzales off the wire and signed free agents Brogan and Sosa. He promoted Ventura to finish his ML roster. Illicit went out and added some very nice pitchers thru free agency and promotions. This should help the pitching numbers but he still needs some defensive help. PREDICTION:81-81

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Tabaky Farmers were a sub .500 division winner. But hey! Thats worth a $4.00 credit. Then Nwsheehy went into the playoffs and were swept by the Cobras. Charleston is a good hitting team with a team average of .271(11th). But the team ERA of 5.19(31st)  and the123 team errors(28th) let them down.The addition of Martis will help the defense alot and The Tabaky Farmers still have 10 million left in the cap budget. They will be around .500 or better so they may still win the division. But the other teams have improved also and it will take more than a .500 record to win this division. PREDICTION:85-77

OUT: Damaso Martin , Wes Burks , Chris Taylor , Bob Murphy , Sean Beckett

IN: Mike Tewksbury , Chad Krause , Shep Hunt , Horacio Mesa , Wandy Matos , Tim Oliver , Douglas Logan , Brutus Sheffield

NWSHEEHY's PREVIEW: Last season took me back to my 4th and 5th season in this league (and in WIS). The Farmers, last year, well...underperformed. The truth is that our pitching staff was just too old and too tired.Without help in the minors, I decided to buy a ninety win team in Free Agency. That did not work out as well as I hoped. I lost on the bidding war with Polin Pineiro and Eddie Metcalfe .I do wish Wes Burks would have stayed. I did manage to spend a lot of money on 3 pitchers to help with the general void in pitching and think this team could surprise many owners.

PREVIEW: Uh.....well.......My prediction of 85 wins was.......terrible. Musta been smokin that Wacky Tabacky. Charleston only won 58 games and will get the 2nd pick in this years draft. Nwsheehy's boys had good defense (84 errors, .986 FPct-12th) ,average hitting (.265 team BA-19th) and terrible pitching (5.91 team ERA-31st). In the off-season Nwsheehy re-signed Andre Scanlan and let Martin, Burks and Taylor go to free agency. Then Charleston released Murphy and Beckett outright. With several open roster spots, Nwsheehy signed free agents Tewksbury, Krause, Hunt, Mesa, Matos and Oliver. The Tabaky Farmers picked up Logan and Sheffield in the R-5 to fill out this years roster. Olivers a stud pitcher and Matos will help get the pitching staff out of the cellar. But this team still needs some help with their smoking problem. Put down the Pipe!!! PREDICTION: 75-87


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: What happened to the Blues??? I have no Clue??  TC's team suffered a power outage (only 155 Homers-26th) with the 4th worst hitting team (.249 team BA-29th) in Wrigleyville.The Blues lowered their overall payroll by 20 million so it looks like a rebuild . While I believe this started last year with a couple trades it's still to early to say wheather this is a complete overhaul. Right now this team will finish about the same as last year.PREDICTION:74-88

OUT: Rico Trevino , Andres Romo , Vicente Prieto , Jorge Blanco , Delanor Meacham , Sidney Tresh , Sammy Oropesa , Luis Gil , Fred Lee , Pedro DeLeon , Albert Baez , Buddy Day , Oscar Driskill , Tony Guillon , Ivan Gimenez , Chad Bolden , Tito Brea , Stubby King

IN: Odalis Suarez , Dewey Sabel , Juan Corpas , Jose Ethier , Tuck Damon , Del Chang , Rod Riggs , Andres Ferrer , Vic Martin , Placido Sanchez , Rico Mateo , Jim Caufield , Darron Flier , Juan Fernandez , Carlos Reyes , Dioner Palacios , Mark Davis , Angel Vizcaino , Apollo West

TCHAGNON's PREVIEW:  Apollo West will be my closer and will hopefully get to 500 saves quickly.

PREVIEW: Santa Fe wins the draft pick derby with 109 losses. It was expected Tchagnons guys would mail it in, seeing how its another re-build season.The blues did pick up Shawn Barfield in last years draft .So it wasn't a completely unproductive season. In the off-season Tchagnon re-signed Junior Maeda and let 12 other players go to free agency. Then he released 5 others and traded away King. After the bulldozzers left and the embers cooled, Tchagnon had to re-fill what was left of his team. He first claimed 8 players off the wire and signed free agent Martin, Sanchez, Mateo and Caufield. Then he picked up 6 players in the R-5 draft and traded for West.Holy crap!! talk about blowing a team up! Tchagnon left no doubt that this is a re-build. Gonna be alot of crying Blues Fans.PREDICTION:60-102

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