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Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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Like I said in last years preview, The Muskies were the one to beat. they easily won the N L North and went into the playoffs as the #3 seed. They ran into the up and coming Utes and lost 3 games to 1.Last year the Muskies had the 6th best defense (82 errors,.987 FPct) and a very good pitching staff ( 4.09 ERA-8th). The hitting was above average with a  batting average of .271, that was ranked 14th overall.Looks like Daddio is happy with his bunch of Muskellunges and just did a minor tweak on his team. He still has one spot open and may promote either Willie Aquino or Andres Trevino ......or not. Anyways , this team should make it back to the playoffs but it will be harder to win the division with the 3 other teams improving. PREDICTION:95-67

OUT: Dick Badenhop , Jorel Woods , Cyrus Bottalico , Quinn Kingman


Just like last year, the Muskeys easily won the division and lost in the first round. Madisons 98 wins were close to my prediction, and they are a very good regular season team. But can they win in the post season? I've had a few teams like that and it can be frustrating.Will Daddio stay the course with his great hitting (.279 BA-8th) and defensive team(78 errors, .987 FPct-5th)? Perhaps improving the average pitching (4.59 ERA-17th) will help in the post season. In the off-season Daddio re-signed Earl Christenson and let Badenhop, Woods, Bottalico and Kingman go to free agency. And thats it........Daddio is standing pat with last years club. If it ain't broke why fix it ,Right! The Muskies are a good all-around team and they should win the division. PREDICTION:95-67


The Toyotas finshed above .500 last year but missed the playoffs. They had the 5th ranked defense (80 errors,.987 FPct),and very good pitching (4.07 ERA-7th). The offense lagged behind with a .260 batting average ,good for 24th in Wrigleyville.Sandberg signed free agent Mo Miller and promoted Broxton. He aquired Acosta, Megias, Tejeda and Wall, thru trades.Sandberg had a offensive problem and Acosta should help drive in more runs. This team could suprise us. PREDICTION:85-77

OUT: Chad Catalanotto , Harry Megias , Zoltan Dellucci

IN: Yuniesky Trevino , Pep Handworth , Ahmad Forster

PREVIEW: Sandberg finished barely above .500 with 82 wins. The Toyotas are stuck in mediocrity finishing with 80, 83 and 82 wins the last 3 years. Can they take the next step to a playoff contender? Tacoma will have to fix a bad defense (123 errors, .980 FPct-29th) , below average hitting (.267 BA-23rd) and average pitching (4.50 ERA-16th) to make the post season. Sandberg did add Virgil Porter and Quentin Hermansen in last years draft and he also picked up IFA Oswaldo Marrero. They should help out his needs in the future. In the off-season Sandberg re-signed Juan Pena , Jerrod Lomasney , Jimmie Guerrero , Haywood Marshall and let Catalanotto, Megias and Dellucci go to free agency. Sandberg had only a few spots open on his M L roster so he traded for Trevino, Handworth and Forster. Trenton improved the defense with Forster, and Pep will help the bullpen. This is pretty much the same team from last year with a little better D. They may contend for a Wild card berth. PREDICTION:87-75

Chicago Bleacher Bums (NL)
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I was a little optimistic in last years preview and with good reason. This team has plenty of talent ,they just haven't figured it out yet.The Bleacher Bums had a tough time at the plate (.257 Team BA-26th) and the pitching was below average (4.91 team ERA-24th). The defense was in the middle of the pack (102 errors,.983 FPct) .How they won 73 games is beyond me?The Bleacher Bums are making a move with free agents and the promotion of future superstar Bradley. Gabriels bat will help also but his glove is a liability in CF. This team will be above .500.PREDICTION:85-77

OUT: Thom Wright , Edgardo Rivera , Robin Cirillo , Trever Goodwin , Josh Parker , Sal Butcher , Marshall Winn , Steve Garcia

IN: Julio Fernandez , Hick Boucher , Odalis Suarez , Felipe Flores , Pete Penny , Jeffrey Blackley , Santiago Rodriguez , Jackie Randall

PREVIEW: My prediction of a .500 + season fell a tad short. The Bleacher Bums finished with 78 wins and they never really jelled as a team. Last year Hshack's boys had average pitching (4.66 ERA-18th) and bad hitting (.266 BA-25th) and defense (123 errors, .980 FPct-28th). The Bleacher Bums picked up Clarence Clark and Willie Ochoa in the first round of the draft and they will be nice additions to the future M L roster. In the off-season Hshack re-signed Freddie Long and let Wright, Rivera, Cirillo, Goodwin and Parker go to free agency. He released Butcher and Winn and traded away Garcia. With several spots to fill Hshack signed free agents Fernandez, Boucher, Suarez, Flores, Penny,Blackley, Rodriguez and picked up Randall in the R-5. The Bleacher Bums went out and signed 7 free agents for a combined 29.5 million. It was a combination of pitching and infielders and they will improve this team. They could make the playoffs and this team could give Madison and Trenton some trouble. PREDICTION:85-77

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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