Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wrigleyville Pre-Season Power Rankings

Right now these rankings are based primarily on FA signings, finances and how teams fared last season. I'll try to update the power rankings every week when the season begins....

Rank Team Record Last Week Comments
1 Burlington 0-0 N/A Defending champs always get the top spot
2 Salem 0-0 N/A No reason to believe they aren't the best in the AL
3 Madison 0-0 N/A My early pick for the AL pennant
4 Helena 0-0 N/A Good offense + good pitching + good defense = success
5 Santa Fe 0-0 N/A Kings of free agency look tough
6 Salt Lake City 0-0 N/A Looking to take the NL West for the 1st time
7 San Francisco 0-0 N/A Too good for too long to start further down the rankings
8 Fargo 0-0 N/A Going to be fighting off New Britain all season
9 New Britain 0-0 N/A Going to be fighting with Fargo all season
10 Arizona 0-0 N/A Aging quickly so they need to stay healthy
11 Pittsburgh 0-0 N/A Revamped rotation and young hitters look to impress
12 Charlotte 0-0 N/A Pitching is there but the hitters must step up
13 Cincinnati 0-0 N/A Darkhorse in the NL
14 Jackson 0-0 N/A Due to break the seal and get over .500
15 Tampa Bay 0-0 N/A Repeat division champ won't give up the crown easily
16 Washington DC 0-0 N/A Breakout season by Jesus James get this team into the playoffs
17 Syracuse 0-0 N/A Young players will get time to blossom
18 Charleston 0-0 N/A Veteran squad looking to sneak into the playoffs
19 Trenton 0-0 N/A RIP Gandolfini
20 Austin 0-0 N/A Zip Madson looks to move into the upper echelon of players
21 Chicago Bleacher Bums 0-0 N/A Best stadium in WIS
22 Colorado Springs 0-0 N/A With San Fran possibly rebuilding this team could make a move
23 San Juan 0-0 N/A Low payroll and high international $ for this perennial powerhouse
24 Chicago Black Sox 0-0 N/A Pitching really needs to step up this season
25 Minnesota 0-0 N/A Looks to be building for the future
26 Louisville 0-0 N/A Would like to get 20 wins out of Walt Henry
27 Milwaukee 0-0 N/A Veteran team in need of pitching
28 Cheyenne 0-0 N/A Working hard but in a very tough division
29 Scottsdale 0-0 N/A Will moving to a warmer climate create more W's?
30 Little Rock 0-0 N/A New ownership possibly looking to rebuild
31 Boston 0-0 N/A Could be a tough season with Pitt and DC looking good
32 Jacksonville 0-0 N/A Finances point to building to the future

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