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Scottsdale Schizoids (NL)
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 My boys surprised me in the regular season and won the division. It was a miracle with my 2 best set-up guys on the 60 day DL. We went into the playoffs as the #3 seed and lost game 5 at home to the Juggernauts. I sure could have used Mariano Rivera and Steven Daniels in my bullpen for the post-season. In the off-season I re-signed Chad Krause and let Prieto go to free agency and promoted Cabrera. This is the same team as last year. Late last year I brought up Daryl Schmidt and I hope he gives my rotation some wins. I promoted Cabrera this year because he hit over 400 in S/T and has been hitting .300+ in AAA and deserves a shot at the bigs. Gonna try and win the division but my goal is getting back to the playoffs with my bullpen intact.PREDICTION:96-66 (Division Winner)

OUT: Larry WalkerEdinson Trinidad

IN: Al Jodie

PREVIEW: My Zoids played well and we may have made my 96 win prediction. But I was resting my players in the last 10 games so they would be fresh for the playoffs. My team is all about pitching , ranked #2 in the NL with a ERA of 3.80 and 662 runs against. A lot of the credit goes to my bullpen ,anchored by 4 time FOY winner Kenshin Yoshii. In the playoffs my team swam by the Sturgeons in 5 , then got swept by the champs. The funny thing about that sweep, Yoshii blew 2 saves and took a loss.Ha Ha! That Muskellunge offense was stout and my bullpen wilted,Yikes!!.In the off-season I re-signed Chad KrauseSteven Daniels and Quinn Collins and let Walker and Trinidad go to free agency. Then I picked up Jodie in the R-5 to back-up Al Martin in CF. My team is getting really old and a lot of contracts expire at the end of the season. It's win now for this bunch and next year will be a re-load year. With the other teams getting better every year while my numbers may be harder to win this division and make the playoffs. I believe in my old goats they will getter done. PREDICTION:92-70 (Division Winner)

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Bandits (NL)
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 I thought Ressda's Bandits would take the next step after surpassing the 500 mark in season 25. But they slid back to a sub-500 team. Ressda did load up on the prospects when he grabbed Art AshleyKeenyn Yearwood , Matthew Green and Houston Price in the draft. In the off-season Ressda re-signed Patsy Hartman and let Mamol go to free agency. He signed free agent Towers and promoted Collins and picked up Lowery in the R-5. Collins has arrived to be the ace of the Bandit staff and the Colorado Springs Bandits will try to make another push to get above .500 and beyond.Can they do it? Anything is possible but this division is tough. PREDICTION:82-80

OUT: Patsy HartmanJ.B. BattleClaudio SchmidtNicky Fordham , Russ Orr

IN: Jose LugoAndrew CulverPaul BarrettAlex TatisVin JohnsonRajai Cornelius

PREVIEW: The Bandits won 83 games last year. Ressda's guys are a good hitting team, ranked 3rd in the NL with a batting average of .267 and 787 runs scored. The pitching however was below average with a ERA of  4.22 and 748 runs allowed. In other moves, Colorado Springs did pick up George Bowen in the draft and Humberto Uribe in the IFA market. In the off-season Ressda let Hartman, Battle, Schmidt, and Fordham go to free agency. He promoted Lugo, Culver, Barrett, Tatis, Johnson and Cornelius. Barrett and Cornelius are the cream of the promotions and should help this team win a few games. You never know if the youngsters you bring up will hit the ground running. And this team is one of the youngest with a average age of 26.7 years. It's just a matter of time before they make the playoffs. I think they will battle the Zoids and Utes but when the music stops they will end up without a playoff chair. PREDICTION: 89-73

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Utes (NL)
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 Hoop was in the division race all season long and never let me rest my guys. He did come up a little short on the division race but did grab a wild-card spot.In the playoffs his team was bested in the first round by the Moose in 4. In the off-season Hoop let Jose, Alonso , Jordan go to free agency and released Owen. He signed free agent Flair and picked up Hernandez in the R-5. The N L West is getting tougher with the Mariners showing signs of improving. It's going to be tough but the Utes should at least get a wild-card.PREDICTION:94-68(Wild Card)

OUT: Gerardo Bonilla , Sadie Klesko

IN: Corky Walter

PREVIEW: I'm scratching my head looking at last years preview....Where Did the Utes go so wrong?? And my prediction for that matter. Hoop's team only won 76 games with good pitching with a 3.97 ERA and 641 runs allowed. The hitting was average with a batting average of .261 and 720 runs scored. Usually when you score more than you give up , you have a good winning record. But if you dig deeper in the stats, you find a 24-33 record in 1 run games. Losing 33 games by one lousy run is bad luck indeed and Hoop may want to buy some rabbits feet and quit stepping on cracks.In the off-season Hoop re-signed Johnny ShunickHarry MegiasRoger Montana and let Bonilla go to free agency. Klesko was waived and cleared the wire at the time of writing. Free agent. Walter was signed to a 2 year 2.8 mil per contract. Adalberto Guzman was added late last year and the youngster has a bright future. I don't see the bad luck continuing in S-28 and the Utes won't lose 33 one run games. Hoop will be celebrating a division win or a wildcard berth.PREDICTION:91-71 (Wildcard)


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: BBwinks had his Mariners playing good baseball all season long. And with a 47-44 record at the break they were making Hoop and myself nervous nellies. Seattle's draft didn't go well when his 1st round pick (#3 overall) didn't sign, but he will get this years #5 pick overall as compensation. And to rub salt in the wound ,they lost out on the IFA bidding. No real significant IFA's were signed.Ouch! In the off-season Bbwinks re-signed Rex Maxwell and Shawn Terry .He let Teahen, Brock, Wilson , Sheffield go to free agency and released Resop and Jones. He signed free agents Halter, Nickle and Espinoza. Finally he promoted Ordonez and picked up Ramirez in the R-5. Seattle is a good young team and when BBwinks promotes Don Hamilton and Jeanmar Estrella from AAA they will be even better. Whats scares me more is he has even better talent in AA. It's just a matter of time before they win this division .They will battle for a wild-card and could get one.PREDICTION:86-76

OUT: Javier FloresRex MaxwellTony AmaralBert Nathan

IN: Willie Aquino

PREVIEW: Bbwink's is another team that makes my head scratch. At this rate all my hair will fall out...whats left of it. Last year they only won 67 games with average pitching (4.21 ERA) but it was the hitting that failed the Mariners. They were next to last in the NL with a batting average of .243 and 626 runs scored. BBwink's continues to add good prospects like Brandon Giolito and Gary Holland and will get another good draft pick next year. In the off-season Bbwink's re-signed Albert SierraVernon Nickle and let Flores, Maxwell, Amaral , Nathan go to free agency. He signed free agent Aquino to fill the one roster opening. Marcell Matos and Jeanmar Estrella were promoted late last season and have some growing to do. There are a half-dozen youngsters on this team that will be studs. Can they up their game this year and make the playoffs? Or will they play 60 win baseball? I think it's somewhere in the middle, for now. But the future looks good for BBwinks. PREDICTION: 81-81

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