Sunday, August 22, 2010

Handicapping the Divisional Series

Trying something new here (at least for me, since I think Mad did something a few seasons back), but I figured I'd try and handicap the AL and NL divisional series since I didn't get the chance to do the play-ins (for the record, I was 3-1 in those series...not that anyone can verify it). Anyways, here we go:

AL 1: Portland (4) vs. Helena (1)
After taking down Albuquerque fairly handily, pbsilver and his Pandemonium travel to Helena, home of the defending Wrigleyville world champs. The Moonbats finished 13 games better than Portland and dominated the Pandemonium in the season series, 8-2. No reason to think it's going to change now.
Prediction: Helena in 4 games

AL 2: Memphis (3) vs. Boston (2)
The Knights waited patiently in Boston to see if they would play division foe Indianapolis or AL South champ, Memphis. The Blues answered with a resounding sweep of the Indians. Now the Blues will need to overcome the Knights' supremacy of Memphis in the season series (7-3) for a chance in the AL Championship series. What has two thumbs and thinks it will happen? This guy.
Prediction: Memphis in 5 games

NL 1: Kansas City (4) vs. San Francisco (1)
mark and his Kickapoos have had a little trouble getting out of the NL over the past four seasons. Kinda scary given the 481-167 record he's posted in that time. But record-wise, this is the top team he's had in the Ville, putting up a staggering 131 wins, 8 of which against the Spittoons while owning the season series. Kansas City was able to knock off San Juan in the first round, but don't look for the upset to happen here.
Prediction: San Francisco in 3 games

NL 2: Tucson (6) vs. Syracuse (2)
snowedin must know something the rest of us (outside of mark) don't. How many other owners would be able to sell off five of his top players for prospects and not only make the playoffs, but knock off perennial playoff resident jmas's Stars in the first round? Tucson now looks to spray some Ectoplasm all over the Moose, who won the season series 4-6 while putting up their best record ever. Unless snowed has something else left in the tank, I've got the Moose moving on.
Prediction: Syracuse in 4 games

That means I've got Helena and Memphis in the ALCS and San Francisco and Syracuse in the NLCS.

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