Thursday, August 5, 2010

Power Rankings S11.3

San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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Another week, another top spot in the power rankings.
Record: 103-18
Previous: 1 (0 change)

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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Putting some distance between themselves and the Moose now. Sweeping Kansas City certainly didn't hurt either.
Record: 81-40
Previous: 3 (+1)


Lost some ground in the division. But the Moose still have a solid grip over the first Wild Card spot in the NL.
Record: 76-45
Previous: 4 (+1)


The Pandemonium are 8-2 in their last ten, and appear on their way to at least a playoff spot, if not a second straight division crown.
Record: 67-54
Previous: 10 (+6)


Widening the gap between themselves and the Posse, the Blues look to be cruising.
Record: 72-49
Previous: 9 (+4)


The Knights are holding steady at four games up on the Aztecs for the division lead.
Record: 69-52
Previous: 8 (+2)

Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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Slowly but surely, the Moonbats are expanding their lead over Albuquerque.
Record: 73-48
Previous: 6 (-1)


The Stars have all but locked up their fourth consecutive NL South title, thanks in large part to the workhorse season of Ordonez (seriously, did you see that guy's innings pitched?).
Record: 75-46
Previous: 2 (-6)

Kansas City
Kansas City Spittoons (NL)
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The Spittoons appear to have been stuck in neutral lately, being swept by Vancouver at home and currently in the process of being swept by lowly Trenton.
Record: 73-48
Previous: 5 (-4)


Nashville is in the hunt for a Wild Card berth in the AL, but the division isn't quite out of reach either with a mere 41 games left.
Record: 64-57
Previous: 14 (+4)


Conventional wisdom says if you sell off your team in a flurry of deadline deals, you should fall out of playoff contention. Somehow, the Ectoplasm are defying conventional wisdom.
Record: 64-57
Previous: 13 (+2)


The Totems beat up on the Spittoons and are still hanging around in the race for the final Wild Card berth.
Record: 58-63
Previous: 23 (+11)


The Turkeys are fighting valiantly to catch Helena, but they shouldn't forget about the host of teams on their tails in the Wild Card race either.
Record: 65-56
Previous: 7 (-6)

Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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Although tied for a Wild Card spot, the Indians are still holding tough with Boston.
Record: 65-56
Previous: 16 (+2)

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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While they may be out of the division race, the Tobacco Farmers could still make noise in the Wild Card, only six back of the last spot.
Record: 59-62
Previous: 12 (-3)


The Wind blew in Kansas City, but then gale force winds came around against the Manatees, Beavers, and currently the Chimps.
Record: 59-62
Previous: 11 (-5)


The south-siders are hoping that the acquisition of Lo will allow them to catch Portland...or at least a Wild Card spot.
Record: 60-61
Previous: 18 (+1)


By trading away Brent Reuschel for a prospect, it looks as though the Crushers may be packing it in for the season.
Record: 59-62
Previous: 17 (-1)


The Justice is pretty much out of the division. But there's nothing that says six games can't be made up for the Wild Card...
Record: 59-62
Previous: 20 (+1)


The Supersonics have caught the Toyotas for second in the division (and 5th in the Wild Card). They just can't get by them.
Record: 56-65
Previous: 15 (-5)


The Howlers appear to be cooked through almost enough for you to stick a fork in them...
Record: 55-66
Previous: 26 (+5)


The Tacomas have a lot of teams to jump for that final Wild Card berth, all of which are ranked higher than them this week.
Record: 56-65
Previous: 19 (-3)


The Manatees have been beached for the season. See you in season 12.
Record: 55-66
Previous: 22 (-1)

New Orleans
New Orleans Hip Waders (NL)
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See: 23 (substitute "Hip Waders" for "Manatees").
Record: 52-69
Previous: 21 (-3)


The Tripods catapulted out of the Power Rankings bottom spot at the cost of much needed draft position.
Record: 46-75
Previous: 32 (+7)

Toledo Christian Beavers (NL)
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Thirty-three games back in the division: check. Sixteen back in the Wild Card: Check. Packed up the lockers: still pending.
Record: 48-73
Previous: 28 (+2)


The Prairie Dogs probably won't be popping out of their holes much for the rest of season 11. To quote Cubs fans everywhere: There's always next season
Record: 47-74
Previous: 24 (-3)

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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What a difference a season makes. Finished second in the division with a .500 record last season. Tied for third this season, 23 below .500.
Record: 49-72
Previous: 25 (-3)


Ladies and gentlemen, the Sturgeon have left the building.
Record: 45-76
Previous: 30 (+1)


It's been a long fall from grace for the Las Vegas organization, winning the West the first 6 seasons of the Ville's existence. They now fighting to avoid the bottom of the division.
Record: 49-72
Previous: 27 (-3)

St. Louis
St. Louis Silver Hawks (AL)
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Playoff watch party in the St. Louis clubhouse. RSVP by 8/16
Record: 40-81
Previous: 29 (-2)


Wylie confirmed the Chimps' interest in flinging poo last week, then went out and backed it up, dropping 11 of 14 and leaving poo covered dugouts in their wake.
Record: 37-84
Previous: 31 (-1)

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