Thursday, August 12, 2010

Power Rankings S11.4

Another edition of the Wrigleyville Power Rankings is up. For some reason, our blog isn't allowing me to post the team headers as usual, but the show must go on. New this week is the magic number so that each team knows where they stand in regards to their division.

1. San Francisco
Any surprise here? Actually, the top three spots from last week remained the same...interesting.
Record: 116-25
Previous: 1 (0)
Magic Number: - (Clinched NL West)

2. San Juan
The Crabbers keep trying to pull away from the Moose but they just can't outrun the state bird of Canada (yeah, that just happened).
Record: 92-49
Previous: 2 (o)
Magic Number: - (Leading NL East)

3. Syracuse
The Moose fell back 2 games recently, but they're still filling up San Juan's rearview mirror in the East.
Record: 90-51
Previous: 3 (0)
Magic Number: 19

4. Boston
The Knights appear to be pulling away from the Indians...extremely slowly
Record: 82-59
Previous: 6 (+2)
Magic Number: - (Leading AL East)

5. Albuquerque
jaredpaventi's crew is creeping up on the reigning world champs, but they might need to pick up the pace with only 21 to go.
Record: 79-62
Previous: 13 (+8)
Magic Number: 16

6. Helena
The Moonbats are trying to shake Albuquerque to no avail. This division battle could go down to the wire.
Record: 84-57
Previous: 7 (+1)
Magic Number: - (Leading AL West)

7. Tampa Bay
jmas and his Stars can start resting up for the playoffs. They're one of only two teams to have clinched a postseason berth, the other obviously being mark's Kickapoos (pretty good company for Tampa).
Record: 86-55
Previous: 8 (+1)
Magic Number: - (Clinched NL South)

8. Memphis
The lead in the AL South has stayed the same since last week for the Blues. I'm sure they'd prefer to extend it out until they can slam the door shut on the Posse.
Record: 82-59
Previous: 5 (-3)
Magic Number: - (Leading AL South)

9. Wichita
The Wind have been red hot the past couple of weeks, overtaking Vancouver last week and clawing their way into the battle for the last playoff spot with division rival, Tucson.
Record: 72-69
Previous: 16 (+7)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from NL West)

10. Indianapolis
ardthomp's Indians are slowly losing their view of Boston in the East. Perhaps they should focus on fending off Nashville in the Wild Card instead...
Record: 76-65
Previous: 14 (+4)
Magic Number: 15

11. Kansas City
This bunch of no-talent ass clowns can't seem to get their acts together. How they managed to take such a large lead in the NL North is beyond me.
Record: 82-59
Previous: 9 (-1)
Magic Number: - (Leading NL North)

12. Hartford
The Crushers aren't out of the AL East just yet, but their odds on taking a Wild Card spot are much better.
Record: 72-69
Previous: 18 (+6)
Magic Number: 11

13. Chicago
South Siders rejoice! The Aztecs have mounted a mini charge and aren't ready to give up on knocking off Portland, now only four games back.
Record: 71-70
Previous: 17 (+4)
Magic Number: 17

14. Nashville
Much like Indianapolis, the Posse seems to be falling back slowly. They're by no means out of the division race, but being two games out of the final Wild Card spot currently has them on the outside looking in.
Record: 74-67
Previous: 10 (-4)
Magic Number: 13

15. Tucson
In previous seasons, the Ectoplasm typically had the 5 seed in the playoffs wrapped up (despite having the second best record in Wrigleyville). Those trade deadline deals made for prospects now has them fighting for (and currently winning) the final spot with Wichita.
Record: 74-67
Previous: 11 (-4)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from NL West)

16. Vancouver
It says a lot that all four of the NL West teams are in the top half of the league power rankings. It also says a lot that the division was settled with 40+ games remaining in the season....
Record: 68-73
Previous: 12 (-6)
Magic Number - (Eliminated from NL West)

17. Portland
The Pandemonium are in a free fall (at least in the power rankings). Luckily for pbsilver, these things have no bearing on the standings, as his group holds a four game lead over the Aztecs.
Record: 75-66
Previous: 4 (-13)
Magic Number - (Leading AL North)

18. Cincinnati
The Howlers seem to have taken offense to my "stick a fork in 'em" comment last week, as they've won 13 games since last edition.
Record: 68-73
Previous: 21 (+3)
Magic Number: 7

19. Seattle
Second year owner kevingrt has to be pleased with the 'Sonics' progress in those two seasons, climbing from last in season 10 to second in season 11. But he needs a lot of help from KC if he wants to take first this season.
Record: 65-76
Previous: 20 (+1)
Magic Number: 4

20. New Orleans
As is the case with the rest of the NL South, the Hip Waders are eliminated from winning the division. Adding insult to injury, the Wild Card seems out of reach as well.
Record: 64-77
Previous: 24 (+4)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from NL South)

21. Jacksonville
For the second straight week, the Manatees are in the exact same boat as New Orleans. This week they've even got BFF matching records.
Record: 64-77
Previous: 23 (+2)
Magic Number: - (Eliminaged from NL South)

22. Jackson
While not officially eliminated from contention, this guy is removing the Justice from the playoff contenders hat...especially since they've dropped three spots from last week.
Record: 67-74
Previous: 19 (-3)
Magic Number: 6

23. Charleston
The Tobacco Farmers managed to pick up a mere 7 victories between last week's rankings and this week's. Maybe all that tobacco has finally caught up to them.
Record: 66-75
Previous: 15 (-8)
Magic Number: 5

24. Fargo
The Prairie Dogs are on the brink of elimination, dormie as those match play golfers call it. To win the division now, they need to win out, Portland to lose out, win the tiebreakers against Portland, and hope those pesky Aztecs don't get in the way. Pretty tall order.
Record: 58-83
Previous: 27 (+3)
Magic Number: 0

25. Las Vegas
drewaely's Rattlers are the highest ranked of those AL teams eliminated. Playing in the West with Helena and Albuquerque, who fearlessly tread all over these snakes.
Record: 60-81
Previous: 30 (+5)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from AL West)

26. Tacoma
The Toyotas are dangerously close to being booted out of the postseason for the second straight season, as both the possibilities for a division crown or Wild Card berth are remote at best.
Record: 63-78
Previous: 22 (-4)
Magic Number: 2

27. Trenton
After leaping out of the basement of the power rankingslast week, the Tripods regressed a bit this week. Either way, they're just playing for next season at this point.
Record: 55-86
Previous: 25 (-2)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from NL East)

28. Toledo
The Christian Beavers split a series with Kansas City, breaking up a nasty losing skid.
Record: 55-86
Previous: 26 (-2)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from NL East)

29. San Diego
Attention: the playoff viewing party advertised last week has been relocated to the Petco Park clubhouse. San Diego's a much nicer town than St. Louis.
Record: 54-87
Previous: 28 (-1)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from AL West)

30. Charlotte
After announcing his profound hatred for the Chimps, wylie followed it up by announcing his profound hatred for everyone's teams. Note to self: scratch him off the Christmas card mailing list.
Record: 46-95
Previous: 32 (+2)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from NL South)

31. Milwaukee
All's quiet in Milwaukee. You'd think those 89 losses would lead to binge drinking and loud billigerence.
Record: 52-89
Previous: 29 (-2)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from NL North)

32. St. Louis
Talk about kicking a guy when he's down. shynent hits the bottom of the power rankings AND loses the hosting gig to the playoff watch party, all in the same week.
Record: 44-97
Previous: 31 (-1)
Magic Number: - (Eliminated from AL North)

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