Thursday, August 19, 2010

Power Rankings S11.5

It's time for the final Wrigleyville Power Rankings of the season. All of the playoff contenders have been decided and only the seeding between the two AL Wild Cards remains with one game left.

1. San Francisco
mark's bunch finished in the power rankings in the same spot they probably would have been every edition since season 4. The commish has been that dominant. He'll see either Kansas City or San Juan in the second round.
Record: 131-30
Previous: 1 (0)
Playoff Seed: 1 (NL)

2. Syracuse
The Moose mounted a furious comeback down the stretch and were able to vanquish the Crabbers of San Juan. They will await either the Stars of Tampa or the Ectoplasm of Tucson in the second round.
Record: 107-54
Previous: 3 (+1)
Playoff Seed: 2 (NL)

3. Tampa Bay
jmas's crew quietly put together a 100 win season. The sad thing: it was only the fourth best record in the NL. Ouch. The Ectoplasm is coming to town in round one.
Record: 101-60
Previous: 7 (+4)
Playoff Seed: 3 (NL)

4. San Juan
The Crabbers faultered a bit down the stretch run and were unable to prevent the Moose from obtaining repetitive division supremacy. Kansas City awaits in the first round.
Record: 104-57
Previous: 2 (-2)
Playoff Seed: 5 (NL)

5. Helena
Another year, another division crown. That's five straight for those keeping score at home. sordie will see either Portland or.....whoever comes out as the five seed between the Turkeys and Indians (Thanksgiving anyone?)
Record: 98-63
Previous: 6 (+1)
Playoff Seed: 1 (AL)

6. Kansas City
The Spittoons managed to right the ship a bit down the stretch. They'll be taking on rbedwell and his 104 win Wild Card Crabbers in the first round.
Record: 95-66
Previous: 11 (+5)
Playoff Seed: 4 (NL)

7. Boston
The Knights successfully fended off the Indians for the AL East crown. They're reward is a first round bye and and a second round matchup against Memphis and whoever gets the six seed.
Record: 93-68
Previous: 4 (-3)
Playoff Seed: 2 (AL)

8. Las Vegas
The snakes turned it on a bit late in the season, running off TEN STRAIGHT and obtaining the title of Biggest Mover for this week.
Record: 73-88
Previous: 25 (+17)
Playoff Seed: OUT

9. Memphis
The Blues eventually pulled away from the Justice and locked up the three seed in the AL. They get the last team in, currently slated to be Indianapolis with one game left.
Record: 91-70
Previous: 8 (-1)
Playoff Seed: 3 (AL)

10. Jackson
atprasad's Justice faded at the end and came up ten games short of the division and six short of the Wild Card. Nice charge up the rankings though.
Record: 81-80
Previous: 22 (+12)
Playoff Seed: OUT

11. Portland
The Pandemonium finally slammed the door shut on the Aztecs and locked up the AL North division crown. They'll see the first Wild Card contender, currently set as AL West power Albuquerque.
Record: 84-77
Previous: 17 (+6)
Playoff Seed: 4 (AL)

12. Tucson
The trade deadline firesale didn't derail the Ectoplasm's Wild Card streak (snowedin has now competed as a Wild Card team six straight seasons while going 589-382 in that stretch, eesh). Tampa awaits in the first round.
Record: 85-76
Previous: 15 (+3)
Playoff Seed: 6 (NL)

13. Hartford
The Crushers wrap up an above .500 season in the PM2. Unfortunately, it will be their last game of season 11, as they'll be joining 19 other teams on the couch in Petco Park during the playoffs.
Record: 84-77
Previous: 12 (-1)
Playoff Seed: OUT

14. Indianapolis
In the end, the Indians couldn't catch up to Boston. Consolation prize: Wild Card spot, most likely heading to Memphis for a clash with the Blues.
Record: 87-74
Previous: 10 (-14)
Playoff Seed: *Currently* 6 (AL)

15. Cincinnati
The Howlers had a nice second half and managed to be the highest ranked division cellar dweller in the final standings...which of course amounts to squat.
Record: 78-83
Previous: 18 (+3)
Playoff Seed: OUT

16. Wichita
hoopcoach's squad made a valiant effort attempting to chase down the Ectoplasm but came up just short. Not bad for a first season. My bet is the Wind will be in the mix again next season.
Record: 81-80
Previous: 9 (-7)
Playoff Seed: OUT

17. Albuquerque
Not quite sure what's going on with the Turkeys. They're currently slated as the five seed but don't seem to be playing like a playoff contender. My vague knowledge of the tiebreakers has them winning the five even if Indianapolis catches them, which puts Portland up next.
Record: 88-73
Previous: 5 (-12)
Playoff Seed: *Currently* 5 (AL)

18. Charleston
The Tobacco Farmers made a nice jump in the Rankings to finish out the season, and they only finished 14 out in the division. Not bad.
Record: 77-84
Previous: 23 (+5)
Playoff Seed: OUT

19. New Orleans
The Hip Waders managed to take 3 of 4 against Kansas City before dropping 2 of 3 at Tampa. On to next season for lagzilla and his crew.
Record: 73-88
Previous: 20 (+1)
Playoff Seed: OUT

20. Chicago
Despite Portland giving them every opportunity down the stretch, the Aztecs couldn't quite capitalize. They also missed out on the Wild Card by 7 games. A win in the final game makes this a .500 season...something worth playing for.
Record: 80-81
Previous: 13 (-7)
Playoff Seed: OUT

21. Vancouver
madmuldoon and his Totems thought they could capitalize on sonneboy abandoning his 49ers after last season, maybe they could get up to third in the division. That wunderkind hoopcoach made sure that didn't happen as the Totems finish in a familiar place...the bottom of the West.
Record: 77-84
Previous: 16 (-5)
Playoff Seed: OUT

22. Nashville
The Posse played Memphis close most of the season before fading in the end and winding up in a tie for second with Jackson.
Record: 81-80
Previous: 14 (-8)
Playoff Seed: OUT

23. Seattle
kevin has brought Seattle into second in the NL North, a place never reached by any Seattle sports team since the Seahawks in 06 (disclaimer: may not be 100% accurate).
Record: 71-90
Previous: 19 (-4)
Playoff Seed: OUT

24. Jacksonville
The Manatees have been on vacation for the past month, just laying out on the beach getting a tan. Wait? What do you mean Manatees don't lay out on the beach?
Record: 71-90
Previous: 21 (-3)
Playoff Seed: OUT

25. Milwaukee
The end of season 11 probably couldn't come soon enough for pat and his Sturgeon. Being the North's whipping boy all season isn't all that fun. Trust me, was there my first few seasons back.
Record: 60-101
Previous: 31 (+6)
Playoff Seed: OUT

26. Fargo
The Prairie Dogs are limping to the finish line, out of playoff contention and looking forward to season 12.
Record: 67-94
Previous: 24 (-2)
Playoff Seed: OUT

27. Tacoma
Third in the division is unfamiliar territory for the Toyotas, especially since Sandberg has mostly dominated the North. The revival of the Spittoons and Supersonics came as Tacoma fully committed to its rebuilding project. They'll be back.
Record: 70-91
Previous: 26 (-1)
Playoff Seed: OUT

28. Trenton
boehnerm and his Tripods have actually fared pretty well down the stretch. Unfortunately, if you're not competing for playoff contention, you're usually competing for draft position. And they burned a lot of it by playing well.
Record: 64-97
Previous: 27 (-1)
Playoff Seed: OUT

29. San Diego
I hear mdymond special delivered custom playoff viewing couches for all his guests. Should be a blast in the Petco clubhouse.
Record: 59-102
Previous: 29 (0)
Playoff Seed: OUT

30. Toledo
What's there to say about the Beavers. They were last seen on the lovely Toledo golf courses since they checked out long ago.
Record: 59-102
Previous: 28 (-2)
Playoff Seed: OUT

31. Charlotte
The Chimps packed up their feces, er, lockers and went back to the zoo weeks ago. Bright side: #2 pick next season.
Record: 55-106
Previous: 30 (-1)
Playoff Seed: OUT

32. St. Louis
shynent and his Silver Hawks locked up the top pick in next season's draft. That's about the only positive of season 11 in the home of the Arch.
Record: 51-110
Previous: 32 (0)
Playoff Seed: OUT

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