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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Tchagnon won the World Series in season 11 and looked to repeat last year. Even though they won this division. They lost in the DCS to this years Champion, Hartford. So the Blues were....uh....Sad ! But they picked themselves up with a Xanex or 2 and went into the offseason with optomism.Now that TC has his band together. They will be singing all the way to the division title. And may be in another world series. Prediction:90-72

OUT: Tony Cabrera , Paul Wan , Nomar Bristow , Tracy Gardner

IN: Glen Trujillo , Harry Mercado , Tony Duncan , J.J. Clark ,Daniel Coleman

PREVIEW: Memphis won the battle but lost the war. They won the Pennant, but lost to division rival Charleston in the playoffs. Tchagnon lost a couple of players to free agency and released another. TC increased his Cap and went a spendin .He bought 4 players for 18 million and change. Then he promoted a young 3rd baseman. I believe TC is serious about winning another series and money is no object. Just ask the Yanks. PREDICTION:95-67

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Tabaky Farmers are Close to breaking the .500 mark. Nwsheehy wants a winner ,needs a winner. Last year it was the lack of Runs scored that doomed him.Maybe its the free sample I'm smokin. But I think this team may fight for the division title. If they do win it, you will hear the cry of "It's got to be the Tabaky" across the league. Prediction:90-72

OUT: Gary Farrell , Dallas Carlyle

IN: Al Hackman , Terry Morandini , Benjamin Taylor

PREVIEW: Wow. That was some Great Tabaky. Charleston smoked the competition on the way to thier first World Series Win. It's a great time on the old farm and nwsheehy007 is a looking to repeat. In the off-season he lost an all-star in Carlyle and his old catcher retired. With the loss of Carlyle nwsheehy picked up a R-5 2nd baseman and traded for another. Finally he signed a slugger in the market. This is pretty much the same team that won it all last year. But can they show it wasn't a fluke? Regardless this team will contend for the division. PREDICTION: 96-66

Nashville Posse (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: With one of the Highest payrolls in the league. You would think that Illicits Posse would be hanging em high. But the cotten pickin varmits are leaning up against a post sucking on a sarsaparilla. Illicit needs to strap on his spurs and kick this bunch of mossyhorns in the caboose.Not sure if this Posse will hunt. But if the Tabaky farmers and Blues see dust bihind them. It will be the Posse riding hard. Prediction:85-77

OUT: Frank May , Bobby Ray Snyder , Randy Finley , Raymond Clapp , Stephen Foster

IN: Archie Romero , Mo Huff , Nolan Glauber

PREVIEW: The Posse had a good season but not good enough to make the dang ole playoffs. The Posse got rid of Clapp and several other players. Not sure if a shot was needed but it was rumored that Clapp had infected the Posse with his shenanigans. Illicit and his Clappless Posse signed a free agent Catcher and Mo "Muff" Huff. He plugged the final hole with a R-5 Pick up. Now that the Posse is fresh as a morning breeze .They will look to compete for the Division pennant. If  Mempnis and Charleston take it easy on the Posse. They will be there at the end. PREDICTION: 84-78

Charlotte Sometimes (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Atprasad and his Justice finished under .500 for the first time. With The Jackson Fans calling for Coach Browns head. Atprasad will look to the offseason to quell the unruly fanatics.The Justice live or die by the Free agent market. But they also are active bringing in IFA's.Look for Atprasad to add a IFA or two but this team may be average right now. Prediction:81-81

OUT: Kyle Phillips , Karl Speier , Gene Eaton , Horacio Mesa , Jason Brantley , Harpo Westbrook , Shep Hunt

IN: Cliff Walls , Rico Morales , Ronnie Bradley , Cam Jones , Bryan MacDougal, Wandy Matos , Anthony Malone

PREVIEW: The Justice and atprasad were run out of Jackson. Halfway through the season the Justice rolled out the Tank .This move inflammed the Jakson fans and sealed their fate. And when the Rev Jesse Jackson stated."that there was no longer any Justice in Jackson". The mob cheered and put down their pitchforks. Brave Owner Hatton98 bought the abandon team in a auction (Price was not released). He promptly moved the team to Charlotte and started to put this once Division champ back together. He let a few of major league and minor league players leave. And released many more. He then brought in a couple bargain free agents and promoted a couple youngsters. He also picked up a Catcher in the R-5 draft. Hatton lowered his cap and increased his HS and Col scouting. It looks like the Sometimes will be looking towards the draft and maybe a stud IFA. They will finish last in this Division. PREDICTION:81-81

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