Friday, April 15, 2011

Wrigleyville Wilde Over Olivia

Since ARomano got us on the topic of this lovely lady, a moment of internet gratitude should be paid to Ms. Wilde.

While she isn't the greatest of actors as of now, she certainly adds a lot to the scene by just being on screen.

A few of the Wrigleyville gents have taken a rather particular liking to her in the movie, "Tron." I wonder why that is? I suppose it could be the short hair. Maybe it is because she has that weird cyber-chick thing going for her? Or maybe, it is gracious use of the full body leather suit...

This movie poster here suggests they were trying to get across that last point. A bit of a "Come hither and I'll kick your ass while still looking amazing" kind of photo.

One last look!

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