Friday, April 1, 2011


Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Injuns have come along way since Ardthomp took this team over. The Injuns are dancing around the fire after making the playoffs again last season . The Injuns did what injuns do!! They drank firewater ,danced ,smoked and traded into the night. And they could make trouble if they stay healthy(Sober). May be in the wild card hunt again. Prediction:90-72

OUT: Ugueth Jimenez , Ramon Lo , Denny Keough , Sherry Wells , David Vazquez , Sandy Hiatt

IN:  Oswaldo DeSoto , Ricardo Torres , Harry Suarez , Arthur Howard , Taylor Workman , Al Gomez

ARDTHOMPS PREVIEW: After the Indians first Division title since Season 5, I wanted to go into the offseason as aggressive as possible. By adding Taylor Workman , Ricardo Torres ,and Arthur Howard to the lineup, I am hoping to get some a lot more firepower from the offense this season. I moved around some players on defense in order to stiffen up the infield for the benefit of the pitching staff.The Indians planned on letting Lo, Mercedes, and Cookson hit the Type A free agency market in order to add some extra picks, but after those three sat on the market for a while, we decided to bring Mercedes back in the mix to bolster the rotation.
PREVIEW: ardthomp lost some free agent players but also resigned several. He Promoted a player in Desoto. And in true Injun form, Ardthomp traded for 5 players and some cool shiny beads. The Indians suprised me with a Division Pennant. And Ardthomp has traded some youngsters for some good players. Will the Injuns go far in the Dance this year ? They have as good of chance as any contender. PREDICTION: 88-74 possible W/C

Cincinnati Howlers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Jmuhtoff and his Howlers returned to the playoffs last year.The Barking and Howling will be heard all over Wrigleyville this year . The improved Howlers will be singing all the way to the playoffs. Probably as a wild card. Prediction:92-70

OUT: B.C. McMillan , Rene Jensen , Oswaldo Castilla , Keith Dolan , Pedro Guerrero

IN: Eli Fernandez , Peter Stockton , Edgar Santos , Rico Posada , Chad Frazier , Chuck Cummings , Tracy Gardner  , Tripp Kent

PREVIEW: The Howlers missed the playoffs and the Pennant by 1 game last year. Jmuhtoff went conservative in the off season letting a half dozen players go to free agency. He then went a shopping and signed 5 pitchers and a couple of bats. Finally he claimed a nice young 2nd baseman off the wire. Looks like it will be a dogfight with the with the other teams in this tough division. The Howlers will be in the thick of the Division hunt. They should make the playoffs. PREDICTION: 90-72


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Avantreal and his Knights shocked The East by winning the Division in season 11. And even though this team had a good season last year . The rest of the East got better and Avantreal barely missed the playoffs.This is one of the toughest Divisions in Wrigleyville. And the teams will slug it out for the wildcard spots. Don't count this team out yet . They may suprise us. Prediction:88-70

OUT: Sam Winston , Rico Park , Diego Molina , Chris Kline

IN: Rafael Valdez , Woody Piersoll , Pasqual Perez

PREVIEW: Avantraels Knights had a good season. Just not good enough for this division. He let a couple players go to free agency and released a couple more. Avantrael then signed 2 free agent catchers and promoted a youngster. The Knights have the same Pitching staff as last year. And with the addition of a All-Star catcher, they hope to make it back to the playoffs. It will be a tough crusade in this division. PREDICTION:88-74 possible W/C

Hartford Crushers (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: After missing the playoffs in season 11. ARomanos Crushers came back last season on a Mission.With only a couple of moves made in the offseason. ARomano's Crushers are going to make another run at the title. And they have the soul to win it all again! Prediction:100-62

OUT: Pascual Vargas , Paxton Ulrich

IN: Petey Lieber

PREVIEW: What would be a good year for me. Was a bad year for the Crushers. Look for ARomano to come back with a vengence.  It looks like ARomano will give this underpreforming  bunch  another season to Gel. He let a couple players leave and promoted a youngster . I still think this team will win this division . but it may depend on the health of some key players. PREDICTION: 92-70

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