Monday, March 28, 2011


Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Fargo has increased their payroll 20 million since last season. It looks like the Prairie Dogs are going for it!! Prediction:84-78

OUT: Brent Reuschel , Aaron Sweeney , Cesar James , Fausto Moreno

IN: Joaquin Morlan , Richard Nichols , Luther Lincoln , Nicholas Jamison

PREVIEW: Fargo won the Division of  illrepute with a sub .500 record. This was the Dogs first division title and playoff appearance. This season aaronwayne kept the same club intact but upgraded the offense by trading Moreno for Jaimison. Prediction: 84-78

Trenton Truckstops (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: After the Truckstops broke out the Hose and washed away the muck and the sludge of the past. They Fixed up the old joint. So with a new coat of paint and a Neon sign. The Truckstops will win more games this year. The overhauled Truckstops may get a wild card. Prediction:87-75

OUT: Willy Daniels , Willie Hamilton , DaRond Brow , Freddie Mohr , Louie Mendoza , Don Dickson , Ricardo Torres , Tripp Kent , Hugh Lloyd , Derrin Price

IN: Aubrey Buss , Otis Mateo , Austin Hamilton , Marco Shouse , Bill Michaels , Pat Stargell , Craig Dodd , Fritz Baker , Thomas Marte , Steven Sedlacek , Eliezer Guzman , Pete Haas , Tsuyoshi Chang , Luis Olmedo , Ajax Yates , David Ewing , Bruce Davidson

PREVIEW: The Truckstops were abandoned on the side of the road Leaking fluid. District5's overhaul blew up in his face . As he walked away from the carnage he was heard muttering over and over. "It Blowed Up". Dullaghan was nice enough to take over this team in the middle of last season. He let all the high priced talent go and has the lowest overall payroll of 30 million. This team is put together with Duct tape and AAA players. Dullaghan will be picking up IFA's and draft picks this season. PREDICTION:62-100

Minnesota Misfits (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Looks like Portland unloaded a couple of big contracts in order to resign several players. The bats of Howard and Ramirez will be missed. But this team is still very good. Prediction:88-74

OUT: Rob Prinz , David Martin , Bey Robinson , Jake Alston , Kevin Leverton

IN: Rafael Benitez , Bing White , Raul Lima , Barney Livingstone , Willie Burgess , Pedro DeLeon

PBsilvers Preview: Portland did most of their wheeling and dealing last season, picking up Ricky Mann and Glenn Hull late. We then moved the franchise to Minnesota to make the hitters a bit more effective and give my speed demons a chance to get on base.This pre-season, we concentrated on picking up some relief pitching, promoting Geronimo Cruz and Manny Hall from AAA and gained Barney Livingstone and a couple of nice Rule 5 pitchers.Then when my 3rd baseman went down with a season ending injury, I had to give up Jake Alston in order to get Willie Burgess. Since innings eater Pedro DeLeon came along with the deal,I think I made out ok, but had to give up a nice prospect. If my pitching holds, I think I have chance to regain my superiority in this division, but and Trenton have done a nice job of improving their teams as well.
PREVIEW: Pbsilver moved the team from Portland to Minnesota during the offseason. This may be due to  his teams underpreformance last year. Pbsilver let a couple of pitchers go to free agency and waived a couple outfielders. He plugged the holes with a free agent,2 R-5's and 3 players who were picked up in trades. Pbsilver has new digs and some new players . He could win this division again. Prediction: 88-74


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: With the offseason moves it looks like a classic Rebuild year. By shedding salary and picking up Bargain and R-5 players. The Aztecs still have 11 million in cap space. Look for Kumbia to build his farm system.Prediction:67-95

OUT: Enrique Cervantes , Bump Peters , Chuck Cummings , Cecil Graham , Evan Thomson , Sid Walsh , J.T. Ramsey , Duffy Peterman

IN: Lance Jeffcoat , Lloyd Perry , Ramon Suzuki , Don Dickson , Sammy Estrada , Tom Buckley , Alexander Stein , Mario Hunter

PREVIEW: It was a rebuild year for Kumbia. And this season he has 10 million in cap room after filling out his roster with mid-level free agents.he will continue his rebuild with draft picks and IFA's. PREDICTION: 70-92

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