Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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"It's Gotta be the TABAKY..........It's Gotta be the TABAKY." Can you hear the chant? Because Nwsheehy007 and his Charleston team won the World Series (Really ....I'm not kidding:). They came from nowhere as a #6 seed and cruised through the playoffs with a record of 14-3. Before this season the Tabaky Farmers never even made the playoffs. Heck they only had two .500 seasons. So The World was shocked when they swept the Tough Syracuse Moose in the Series. They even suprised this reporter .I picked them to win the division ......kinda . Here was my preview: PREVIEW: The Tabaky Farmers are Close to breaking the .500 mark. Nwsheehy wants a winner ,needs a winner. Last year it was the lack of Runs scored that doomed him. Nwsheehy sent the smoking carcasses of Cambridge ,Beltran ,Benitez and Morales to free agency.Then he released Saunders ,Park and Slusarski. Once the Smoke cleared, the Tabaky farmers signed Hunter and Goldman. Nwsheehy then brought up Almanza ,Coleman ,George and Sisquernos from the Root Cellar.Finally he picked up Barclay and Hartgraves in the R-5 draft. Maybe its the free sample I'm smokin. But I think this team may fight for the division title. If they do win it, you will hear the cry of "It's got to be the Tabaky" across the league. Prediction:90-72.

I need to get me some of that TABAKY before the Commish outlaws it. "It's Gotta be the TABAKY........Right"

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