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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Like I said ,Rugby only lost a couple of players and he still has 7 million in cap space. So he may do some promotions or pull off a trade later . Still this team is stout and they will battle San Juan for the Division. Prediction:98-64

OUT: Eli Fernandez , Timo Mahoney , Alex Quixote , Mo Andrelczyk , Willie Burgess , Pedro DeLeon

IN: Mike Malloy , Ramon Lo , Tyrone Handworth , Fred Lemke , Rick Gwynn , Jake Alston

PREVIEW: The Moose were loose in the playoffs and until the Series. They were swept by the upstart Tabaky Farmers. That may be why Rugby let two good pitchers go to free agency and traded another to the Misfits. He signed free agent Cy-Young winner LO brought in a young ace with the Misfits trade. Then Promoted 3 defensivly gifted Youngsters. Its amazing how Rugby puts a winner on the field every year. He must have Tiger Blood in his veins. PREDICTION:100-62

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: This could be the year the Crabbers win the division. They will have to stay healthy though . If they don't win the division look for them as a wild card contender.Prediction:98-64

OUT: Tommy Werth , Max Offerman


PREVIEW: I love a Owner that knows what hes got and Rides it. Yeeehaaaww! Ralph has a great core of players and with another year of expierience and some luck. They will have a shot at the Division or a Wild Card. Dejavu'!!! PREDICTION: 100-62

Atlanta Peachfuzz (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Desanders still has 13 million in cap space and he may be looking to pickup a tasty IFA prospects or trade for a superstar contract. This team has improved but not to the point of beating San Juan and Syracuse. Prediction: 75-87

OUT: Julian Navarro , Leon Helton , John Merrick , Daryl Lee , Charlie Christensen , Philip Alexander , Bernie Hernandez , Dee Smith

IN: Hal Whitehill , Rheal Scott , Chris Dawley , Joakim Acosta , Travis Hocking , Dale Barker

PREVIEW: Atlanta had a good season last year. But to reach the promised land you must make some sacrifices . He let a bunch of veteran players go to free agency and released a few more. Desanders then brought up several youngsters from the farm and claimed a catcher off the wire. One thing for sure ,this team will be throwing out the Geritol. Even though they are a young bunch the talent has improved but still not enough to win the division. Perhaps an outside chance at the #6 seed. PREDICTION: 87-75

Burlington Coat Factory (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Burlington has a total team salary of 36 million. So they are not going to compete for the division this year . Ehull11 will pick up tasty IFA's and grow them prospects. Prediction: 70-92

OUT: Todd Simmons , Jimmie Gonzalez , Mario Houston , Edgar Santos

IN: Will Byrdak , Vic Sellers , Benny O'Leary , Otis Mateo

PREVIEW: The addition of Byrdak and Sellers and 2 R-5 players will win Burlington more games. You will still have to go to the basement to buy a Coat. ehull does have the lowest cap and payroll in the league. he will keep building with great draft picks and IFA's. PREDICTION: 75-87

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