Saturday, March 26, 2011


Chicago Bleacher Bums (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: By letting a couple low level pitchers go and trading away a slugger. He is betting this same bunch will rise to the occasion. And why not ? they proved again and again they're winners. PREDICTION:96-66

OUT: Glen Trujillo , Vic Sellers , Tarrik Francis , Jacob Regan , John Abe , Lloyd Perry , Walt Smalley , Woody Broome , Adam Howard , Alberto Fuentes

IN: Albert Mateo , Freddy Weiss , B.C. McMillan , Tommy Werth , Phil Satou , Cesar James , Paxton Ulrich , Randy Walker

PREVIEW: Zee is gone to chase his dream of becoming a Pirate. He was lats seen off the coast of Somalia Raping ,Pillaging and Plundering. Hshack bought this team for a Dubloon , a barnacle clad Skiff, a Treasure Map and a really cool Hat. Hshack Ordered Several free agents to walk the plank including Pitching Ace Francis. He then went out and spent 27 million on several free agents and added a R-5 player. With letting Francis and several other players go . Hshack was able to bring in talent to his liking. Still with a payroll of 107 million this team will have to perform or a fire sale will be immenent. PREDICTION:88-74

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: It was out with the old and in with the new . With 16 million spent in free agency ,Patrick hopes this team starts earning their money. If this team starts slow or is out of it by the all-star break. Patrick will be moving some players. Prediction:85-77 Possible wild card

OUT: Will Byrdak , Adam Pierce , Archie Romero , Sean Haynes , Jack Twitchell , Juan Alvarado , J.R. Burnett , Mo Swann , Wiki Arias , Vic Romero , Alex Tarasco , Chad Frazier , Norman Munro , Jeff Terry

IN: Shep Hunt , Louie Mendoza , Willie Hamilton , Rene Jensen , Glen Hughes , Jake Womack , Norm Causey , Pat Shawler , Al Melian , Jim Pall , Allen Houston , Ricardo Hernandez

PREVIEW: This team underperformed , so Pat cleaned house . Gone are high dollar Byrdak, Pierce ,Archie Romero ,Vic Romero and Swann. Awash in cash Pat spent 36 million on free agents and filled the holes with 4 R-5 players. Its a mix of Veteran free agents and youngsters on the new look Sturgeons. This team could win the division but it will be a close race with Chicago.PREDICTION:89-73

Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Seattle signed free agents Harris and Yamamoto to contracts. Finally they promoted Sanchez. Perhaps its another season on the mend in Seattle. But their payroll is low and they have 20 million in cap space. They could trade for a big star or transfer money to pick up tasty IFA's. Perhaps next year they will make their move. Prediction:70-92

OUT: Russ Phillips , Jeremy Cheney , Cam Sanders , Juan Romero , Taylor Workman

IN: Timo Mahoney , Dallas Carlyle , Pascual Vargas , Dioner Cano , Bernie James , Billy Ray Bryant

PREVIEW: Daddio bought a team that needs a new direction. He bought the Seattle franchise from Kevin who left  after being diagnosed with Accute Fantasidis. The Doc told Kevin he needed to back away from the Fantasy World . It was starting to take hold and he could no longer tell what was real or not.So in steps Daddio. He moved the team across the country to beautiful Madison . He upped his cap by 20 mil signed a couple free agents and will look to bid on a couple tasty IFA's. Look for this team to finsh about .500. PREDICTION 81-81


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Looks like the Toyotas will vie for the #1 pick in the draft. Prediction:60-102

OUT: Tom Buckley , Mark Liniak , Glen Hughes , Jerome McNamara , Dennis Giles , Tommie Parrish , Ivan Ortiz , Kiki Duran

IN: Jose Jimenez , Andre Scanlan , Alex Tarasco , Edgardo Rivera , Ryne Bryant

PREVIEW: Sandberg added some defense ,hitting and a couple Pitchers. While increasing his payroll by 10 million. This team is better but not enough to hit .500. Perhaps he will add some more youngsters to the farm system. Its getting crowded down there. PREDICTION:75-87

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