Sunday, March 27, 2011


San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: I believe that with all them superstars, its hard to pay them all. So mark had to let Tartabull and Ramirez go and replace them with older less expensive players. With that said, this team is still a force and perhaps older wiser players will be better in the post season. Worth a try! Prediction:105-57

OUT: Rafael Benitez , Pete Torres , Richard Nichols , Andre Scanlan , Al Hackman

IN: Jimmie Gonzalez , Al Bonifacio , Duffy Peterman

PREVIEW: Mark again had a dominate regular season. And again lost in the playoffs. 5 players left for the free agent market . He replaced them with a nice CF'er in a trade. Then filled the holes with a R-5 and a free agent. Mark and his Kickapoos are back to try again. They will win this Division and the odds are still in thier favor to win the Series. PREDICTION: 106-56

Cheyenne Cowboys (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Wild Card Ecto's went into the postseason as the #6 seed and lost in the first round to Tampa Bay.It looks like snowedin was busy again building a winner. This team will make the playoffs.Probably as a Wild Card. Prediction:93-69

OUT: Jerome Floyd , Mike Malloy

IN: Cody Bird , Stephen Hayes , Dwight Webster

PREVIEW: Longtime Owner Snowedin has left Wrigleyville. He always wanted to persue his thespian dream. When i contacted him he told me he was up for the part of Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. Snow said: "Heck I don't have Tigers Blood but I do have Panther Piss". Good Luck Snow we are gonna miss ya! Snow sold the team to bobferg for the Phone Numbers of an Escort Service and a Coke Dealer. His name is Snow afterall. Bob moved the team to Cheyenne and has settled in nicely. This team is still intact with the addition of a nice SP#1 .Look for them to compete for a Wild Card.......again.PREDICTION:90-62


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: I lost a good pitcher to rival Wichita and this year. Will be a year of picking up IFA's and draft picks. Perhaps next year I will bring in a high priced stud Player. For now we will be in the West basement. Prediction:70-92

OUT: Juan Sojo , Doc Thompson , Butch Punto , Heathcliff Bailes , Carson Monroe

IN: Tarrik Francis , Edgar Ibanez

PREVIEW: Last year my team finished where I thought they would. I let a handful of players leave for free agency and released a couple more. I signed Tarrik to a free agent contract and picked up a R-5 player. My team is still in a rebuild perhaps i can pick up some tasty IFA's . PREDICTION:75-87


LAST YEARS PREDICTION: The Wind lost a couple of good players to F/A. But they also signed a couple of good ones. This team probably won't make the playoffs but their headed in the right direction. Prediction:81-81

OUT: Sammy Estrada , Freddy Weiss , Buster Griffey


PREVIEW: Hoopcoach is starting his 4th year in Wrigleyville.So far  the Wind has been calm, but they may blow up anyday. Witchita let 3 players go to free agency. And filled the holes with late season call ups. It looks like Hoopcoach is going to give this squad another year to find thier way. He may pull the plug if this team Falters. Fire sales are a good thing sometimes.I still say this team is a .500 squad. PREDICTION:81-81

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