Sunday, March 27, 2011


Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Stars (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Tampa will probably win the Division again. The Tampa Fans hope they win their second World Series. Prediction:98-64

OUT: Clyde Ratliff , Bryan James , Rico Posada , J.J. Clark , Joaquin Morlan , Rico Morales , Jose Jimenez , Arthur Evert , Gerald Cheng

IN: Derrin Price , Kiki Duran , Stan Fassero , Sid Walsh , Oswaldo Castilla , Jerome Stevenson , Freddie Mohr , Hughie Leon , Mo Andrelczyk

PREVIEW: After winning the division from the upstart Colt 45's . The Stars fell to the same wild card Houston team in the playoffs. Jmas let several players go to free agency and released a handful more. True to jmas's form he brought in several big bats. and shored up his bullpen. The Stars will try to out score there oppopnents again this season. But in the playoffs it is said that pitching wins championships. Jmas's reply to that philosophy."Chicks dig the Long Ball". PREDICTION:88-74

Houston Colt 45's (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The revamped Houston bullpen is much better and this may put them over the top. I like this team as my sleeper pick. Prediction: 90-72

OUT: Stan Fassero , Ewell Morris , Tommy Nixon , Willie Alcantara , Ronnie Bradley , Tomas Alvarez

IN: Nigel Hasegawa

PREVIEW: I told you this team was a sleeper. They made the playoffs and lost in the second round to the juggernaught Moose. Only a few bats and a couple of pitchers are gone from last years team. BBmogul did add a slugger to the team in a trade. Most holes were filled with late season callups. With the sahkeup in Tampa this team is poised to win the Division. PREDICTION: 90-72

Santa Fe
Santa Fe Sergeis (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: This team went through a major makeover. And with Talent added to the starting rotation. This team should increase their win total. Prediction: 81-81

OUT: Ken Hardtke , Roger French , Doug Pierre , Tony Duncan , Kennie Riley , Carlos Castilla , Harry Suarez , Billy Connor , Arthur Howard , Benjamin Taylor , Nicholas Jamison , Hughie Leon , Ryne Bryant , Ricardo Hernandez

IN: Hugh Lloyd , Carson Monroe , Ivan Bautista , Earl McDermott , Leo Leiter , Ben Towers , Charlie Christensen , Willy Daniels , Clyde Ratliff , Enrique Cervantes , John Merrick , Raul Flores , Raymond Clapp , Brent Reuschel , Donn Payton , Jeff Terry , Stan Rogers , Fausto Moreno , Ivan Ortiz , Jeff Terry

PREVIEW: Goodbye tjdove ,we barely new ya! It is rumored that incoming rookie owner sergei91 comes from a family of commodities traders. After he moved the team from Durham to Santa Fe he dismantled this team . Trading away anyone he could and releasing the rest. These rebuilds are a pain in the ass to preview. It sucks spending so much time on a team built from the Bargain Bin. I broke out the magic 8 ball to see what this team will do and it kept smoking and it melted . At least this team has plenty of cap room. PREDICTION: 62-100

Austin City Limits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREDICTION: Wylies team rebounded from a horrible season 11 to finish with 71 wins. So he uprooted the Charlotte Chimps and moved them to Austin.The new digs may help in ticket sales but on the field this team needs a little more.Prediction:75-87

OUT: Bill Green , Al Rodriguez , Chris Taylor , Dwight Webster

IN: Horacio Mesa , Santos Martinez , Julio Fernandez , Aramis Estrada

WYLIE'S PREVIEW: I'm not really expecting too much from my team this season. I'll be happy if we can finish at .500. I'm also hoping to pick up some good, almost-ready-for-primet time talent to go along with Omar Perez, Hector Ruth and Alex Cornelius

PREVIEW: Well......the move to Austin didn't help this team. In fact the fans were quite unruly near the end of the season.They were bringing cowchips to the game and flinging them at the Austin players. It's an improvement from the Chimp days. But flying excrement is still .....well.....flying excrement. Wylie made a couple of moves but not enough to keep the Chips from flying. PREDICTION: 70- 92

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