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Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Sordie and his 2 time champion Barking Moonbats won this division for the 6th year in a row. They were also my pick to play in the Series, but they were ousted in the ALCS by the Champion Crushers.The Barking Moonbats will be in the playoffs again as div champs.With a little luck they will win their 3rd Wrigleyville title. Prediction: 105-57

OUT: Raul Flores , Jake Womack , Keith Simas , Barney Livingstone , Willie Sanchez , Livan Bonilla

IN: David Martin , Al Gomez , Bump Tyson , Cesar Bonilla , Midre Cairo , Al Pineda

SORDIES PREVIEW: The magnificent moonbat crew of Helena is counting on the ancient adage that the more things change,the more they stay the same. They have largely opted to stand pat with their core roster which has reached the AL championship series 6 out of the last 7 seasons. Barking their way out the door are Wrigleyville dinosaurs Raul Flores and Jake Womack.Filling their aged shoes will be Helena’s exceptionally expensive Season 11 late first rounder, Bump Tyson, and last year’s young trade acquisition, Peter Hodges, a left-handed long reliever with a pretty promising upside.Starting pitching remains Helena’s Achilles heel, with the staff pretty mediocre beyond Cy Young winner Jeff Burnett. The offense remains a potent force anchored by the bats of MVP slugger Matt Abbey, outfielder Napoleon LaDee, and long time Moonbat 2B Billy Brown. This squad will score a lot of runs, but with their sporadically performing hurlers, the opposition likely will as well.
LATE NOTE: Just landed that extra stud arm I've been looking for too (Pineda). Good starting pitching has always been hard to come by in this world.
PREVIEW: The Moonbats grabbed the #1 seed in the playoffs and were upset by the Tabaky farmers in the ALCS. Again. The Moonbats lost several key players in Womack and Flores. They also traded away a few others. He brought in a Free agent and promoted several more eager Bats. Finally he made a trade for a nice Starting pitcher( Pineda). The Moonbats are always a tough team to beat . And my magic 8-Ball says they will win the Division again. PREDICTION: 103-59

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: mdymond and his Salmonbellies were in a rebuild mode last year. So it was suprising that they finished close to .500.  After last years Fire Sale Mdymond brought in a Bulldozer and cleared the charred remnants of this team away.Man I hate doing complete rebuilds. They take alot of time . This team is built on the cheap and will compete for the worst record and the #1 pick. Mdymond does have alot of cash to spend in the IFA market. so look for some big signings! Prediction: 60-102

OUT: Aramis Crespo , Alexander Stein , Daisuke Sano , Ramon Suzuki , Jerome Stevenson , Geronimo Candelaria , Julio Fernandez , Mo Huff , Francisco Valdes , Cam Jones

IN: J.P. James , Rob Prinz , Denny Keough , Miguel Duran , Bruce Crosby , Rex Maxwell , Victor Ramirez , Roy Mills , Fausto Martinez

PREVIEW: The Salmonbellies suprised me with their play last season. The new look Salmonbellies took Wrigleyville by storm. They also took the vaunted Moonbats to a 5th game in the DCS. Now that mdymond has this team on the right track. He will look to build on his success. Mdymond started by letting several good players go to free agency. He restocked with a few Free Agents and several Good Minor Leaguers. He also picked up 2 R-5 players. I suppose the Salmonbellies are for real. But can they win 90+ games 2 years in a row?.I dont think so Prediction:81-81


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Shynet,( a.k.a Bashful)  has returned after his theatrical career ended abruptly. Shy is not a big talker but he did have this to say about his role in Snow White and the Seven Naughty Dwarfs. "They wanted someone smaller". Well I'm not sure if he was talking about Height or Length?Synet gutted this team and spent a fortune in free agency. The Wrong Turns are looking for the right mix of players. We will soon see! Prediction:85-77

OUT: David Boyd , Bill McCracken , Richard Jung , Jung Li , Charles Fox , Theo Barber , Nigel Hasegawa , Al Gomez , John Daniels

IN: Juan Romero , Chuck Sosa , Ronn Carpenter , David Ono , Jaime Koch , Jaime Gwynn , Bob Brooks , Tomas Alvarez , Bob Brooks , Sandy Hiatt , Bill Neagle

Swishnev23's PREVIEW: The Arizona Cobras are under new leadership this season with almost a completely new coaching staff and a new organizational outlook.After languishing for the past 13 years, the Cobras are putting a major emphasis on pitching and defense this season and for years to come.With an offense built around Johnny Stone and Rico Trevino and a pitching staff quietly being built around newcomer Sandy Hiatt and veteran Ruben Soriano the Cobras feel that they have enough to be competitive this season.With a major weakness in their bullpen the team knows that there will be times this season when the going gets rough, especially in the AL West, but they feel that it will be a good chance to build some character.With some big contracts coming off the books over the next few seasons the Cobras Organization is encouraging their scouts to get out there to find and sign the best young talent available in order to build the franchise into a consistent contender.

PREVIEW: Shynet made his curtaincall last season with the Wrong Turns. In steps swishnev23. He made a fortune in Buying and selling Tigers blood. Swishnev23 proclaimed: "I bought this team cause I'm a Winner". And with that he moved the team down the road to Arizona. He let several players go to free agency and released a couple more. Then he traded away a few studs including Daniels. Swish then signed some bargain bin free agents and promoted a few players. Some which should never play in the majors. He did bring in 4 players in trades, which should help. With all the changeover the last 2 years this team is hard to figure. But with a weak bullpen they may be looking at a good draft pick next year.PREDICTION: 79-83

Scottsdale Shock Squad (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Itsamiracle is My friend from old CRD . And last season was tough for him. Theres alot to learn in this game of ours. So this year the training wheels are off and hes going to make a go of it. If I believed in beginners luck this team could make the playoffs.With some regular luck, they could get to .500 ? Hang in there Oldfart!!Prediction:72-90

OUT: Ben Towers , Ron Cummings , Mario Hunter , Derek Francona , Bruce Hartman , Preston Flynn , Donn Payton , Yuniesky Lee , Albert Mateo , Claude Coleman

IN: Kevin Leverton , Lariel Encarnacion , Chris Taylor , Jerome Floyd , Ewell Morris , Aramis Crespo , Sam Winston , Nelson Hodges , Travis Gutierrez , David Vazquez , Billy Connor , Dixie Stankiewicz

PREVIEW: Itsamiracle bailed in the middle of last season. The oldfart was overwhelmed with the game. Coach34 was good enough to step in and take over the franchise. he let a myriad of players go . Then he brought in a bunch to his liking. PREDICTION: 60-102

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