Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3rd annual DUROCHER AWARD Nominee's

Thankyou for all the nominations. This was the best crop of nominees we could hope to have. I have the honor in introducing this years worthy nominee's. Anyone of them will represent Wrigleyville well . Not only through their fine organizations but also for their participation in the chats. Finally thanks to those that put my name up for nomination. I'm not ignoring your wish's , but I feel my teams record doesn't belong with this list of nominee's. If i added my name, one of these owners would have been left out. And I couldn't do that. Congrats to all nominees and now its time to vote in the left hand colunm. Great season everyone and you all better renew soon!!--MAD

DADDIOTHREE-  recieved several nominations. It's due to his great job on bringing the Muskellunges from obscurity to a contender. With a 66 million dollar payroll Daddio makes the most out of his squad. Right now they are 78-74 and are in the thick of the wild card hunt. Madison also could grab the division from the Bleacher Bums.Any way you look at it Daddio is a worthy nominee.This is what one owner had to say about Daddio: daddiothree for continuing to turn around that organization.

COACH34- Coach has his Shock Squad on the cusp of their first division crown. Playing in Wrigleyvilles toughest division ,that is a great accomplishment . Money can buy happiness in Scottsdale. 111 million dollars bought a 100 win season and the best record in the American League. His nomination came from many players and this is what was said of Coach "I can't beat this guy. This team is a juggernaught."

MARK3313- Our Commish not only fields one of the best teams in the league. This year we experienced a Crisis not ever seen in our tranquil world. And Mark handled it with class and quelled the disent within our ranks. We are very grateful to have a Commish like Mark.This is what was said of Mark: If he trades me Sosa I will vote for him. :) I wonder who said that..*wink*

EHULL11-  This nomination is also obvious. Since Ehull took over Burlington they have been one of the better teams in Wrigleyville. If it wasn't for Ralph's Crabbers, it could be said they would be division champs or World Series champs . Watchout for this team in the playoffs.The Coat Factory is for real. This is what was said by a nominating owner: "One of the best owners since coming into the league."

AARONWAYNE- I added a 5th nominee. Aaronwaynes accomplishments cannot be overlooked. He is on his way to a 5th consecutive division crown and a 4th 90+ season.He took over this Dog of a team 9 years ago and has made them into winners. This was said of Aaronwaynes team: The only team that has a chance against the A L south. "

Others recieving Nominations : madmuldoon, pbsilver,mdymond,hshack,rbedwell

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