Friday, February 10, 2012


We’re at the point in the season where the Rookies are hitting the wall, if they haven’t already, so let’s have one last look at some guys who will make a push to be Rookie of the Year as the season comes to a close.

NL Hitters:
1. Peter Okajima (VC) – Okajima has slowed down just a bit but he continues to be a huge offensive force in the National League. He’s definitely getting my vote for NL ROY unless he gets injured.

2.  Khalil McNamara (SF) – A rookie putting up good numbers for a World Series contender always carries some extra weight. McNamara is making a late push since his promotion and could overtake Okajima with a strong finish. Twenty-five stolen bases in only 91 games leads me to believe that he might get to that 1,000 stolen base level that his teammate Sosa just hit.

3. Kyle Romero (WIC) – Tops for the NL Rookies in slugging % (.597), home runs (43) and RBI’s (98) and he’s #3 for hitters???!?!?!?! That tells you just how deep the rookie candidates are in the NL. No shame in coming in third in this race as Romero might end up being the best Rule V draft pick ever made.

NL Pitchers:

There is not a rookie pitcher in the National League that is putting up ROY-worthy numbers.

AL Hitters:
1. Michael Henry (HAR) – A darkhorse candidate when the season began, Henry has absolutely torn up AL pitching a la Mike Piazza. With 90 RBI’s in only 99 games and an OPS or 1.012 Henry is putting up amazing offensive numbers from the catcher position.

2. Darron Moses (BOS) – It must be the year of the catcher in the AL as Moses is another rookie catcher putting up great offensive numbers. It’s going to be a tight race between him and Henry coming down the stretch for AL ROY.

3. Carlton Sheets (FAR)/Ollie Greenwood (CH2) – Sheets and Greenwood both have very bright futures and I wouldn’t put it outside of one of them to make a strong push late in the season to become ROY. Sheets has been very strong defensively in left field while Greenwood has expectedly run into some issues in center field as he made the jump from AA but both should be strong offensive and defensive players for years to come.

1. Ivan Gimenez (MEM) – Gimenez has been strong this season in making 23 starts and holding his opponents to a batting average of .236 for a strong Memphis team. He’s been a very, very solid back of the rotation pitcher as this team pushes towards the playoffs.

2. Matty Guerrero (SD) – 21 saves in 23 opportunities is nothing to scoff at in this league as Guerrero has helped to close out games for San Diego. He’s averaging almost a strikeout per inning but could use a decline in his walks to help keep the stress levels low in the 9th inning.

3. Benji Martin (ARI) – 19 saves with a 2.65 ERA and 1.20 WHIP in 61 games for the Arizona closer. The Cobras aren’t winning enough games to get Martin the saves needed to win the ROY but he’s having a very fine season nonetheless.

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