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Fargo Prairie Dogs (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Well it was a down year for Aarons P-Dogs. I predicted a tough fight for the division, and it was. But my prediction of a playoff berth, failed to take into account the A L West's wild card domination. Fargos 83 win season was a step back. But 6 strait division crowns was a nice run for the P-Dogs. Last year Aarons pups were powered by a strong Offense (.275 BA-6th) and average Defense (.983FPct-19th). The mangy pitching staff (4.72 ERA-22nd) was Fargos weakness last year and may need some work in the offseason. Aaron re-signed Vic Chavez and let Paulino test the free agent market. Then he traded away O'Donnell and Pence. To fill the holes, Aaron claimed Quantrill off the waiver wire and signed free agents White,Tenbrink,Taguchi and Pineda. Looks like Aaron is trying to fix his pitching problem by bringing in the trio of White,Tenbrink and Taguchi. And getting Quantrill off the wire is a good a cheap way to get better. But can Aaron keep the pups from wandering out on the Highway? Last year they got injured alot and it kind of hurt them. If they stay healthy, Fargo has a chance to be back in the post season.PREDICTION:90-72

OUT: Ryne Bryant , Herman White , Hub Taguchi , Carlton Sheets , Ben Borland

IN: Enrique Pimentel , Woody Sullivan , Harry Megias

PREVIEW: Who let the DOGS OUT!!! Whoof!! The Prairie Dogs won the division with 93 wins and went into the playoffs with the #2 defensive team (70 errors) and the #4 hitting team (.276 team BA). Throw in a average pitching staff (4.23 team ERA-13th) and you have last years A L Champs. They played against the N L Champs In the World Series, but couldn't overcome the tough Red Light Districts. Still a very good year for Fargo and Aaronwayne.Congrats! In the offseason Aaron re-signed Edgar Ordonez and let Bryant, White and Taguchi go to free agency. He traded away Sheets and waived Borland. With only a couple holes to fill the Prairie Dogs signed free agent Pimentel and traded for Sullivan and Megias. Sullivan was a defensive upgrade and Pimentel and Megias was brought in to cover the loss of some pitching. This is a very good team and I like them to win the division or at least grab a wildcard.PREDICTION:95-67

Minnesota Misfits (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: There was no upside last year for the Misfits. They finished with a disappointing 68 win season. Pbsilvers good defense (.985 FPct-11th) and hitting (.273 BA10th) couldn't overcome a poor pitching staff (4.87 ERA-25th). In the offseason Pbsilver let Phillips,Bonilla and Quantrill go to free agency and released Coleman and Lopez. With just a few gaps to plug, Pbsilver signed free agents Cruz and Bragg. Then he promoted Dingman and picked up Mullins in the R-5. The 2 pitchers bought in free agency should help the pitching staff. But this team is a long way off from competeing. PREDICTION: 73-89

OUT: Pedro DeLeon , Jon Edwards , Tony Silva , Rheal Scott , Frank Vanguri , Charlie Forster , Doc Hampton

IN: Keith Aurilia , Randy Rogers , Robb Holder , Kirk Tomko , Trent Wise , Hong-Chih Tamura

PBSILVERS PREVIEW: Even though my team did a bit better than expected last season, I did some retooling. Brought up Mark Carter and Jimmie Pena at the end of last season,Traded Frank Vanguri for Hong Chi Tamura to shed some salary, picked up Keith Aurilia in the Rule 5. For pitching, traded for Randy Rogers, Robb Holder, Kirk Tomko and Trent Wise. Left me with pretty bare cupboards, but let's see if this helps.

PREVIEW: Pbsilver got his guys to win 79 games last year mainly on the backs of his batters (.272 team BA-8th). The pitching (4.82 team ERA-25th) and defense (108 errors-18th) were the drag on Minnesotas season. In the offseason Pbsilver let DeLeon go to free agency and he released Edwards and Silva. Then he traded away Scott and Vanguri and waived Forster and Hampton. Now Pbsilver had several gaps in the lineup so he picked up Aurilia in the R-5. Then he traded for Rogers, Holder, Tomko, Wise and Tamura. Give Pbsilver credit. He knew pitching was his weakness and he brought in alot of pitching talent with his trades. This should make the Misfits a contender in the AL North. PREDICTION:89-73

New Britain
New Britain Bruins (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: New Britain squeaked by the P-Dogs for the division crown. Dodgers guys won 85 games with Defense (.986 FPct-4th) and Pitching (4.20 ERA-12th). The Offense lagged behind with a .262 BA, 18th overall in Wrigleyville. In the post season the Bruins lost in the first round to a very tough Salem team 2 games to 3. In the offseason Dodgersgale re-signed John Daniels , Vic Martin , Benjamin Taylor , Chet Brohawn and let Hausmann,Whitehill and Arias go to free agency. Then he released Nen and Goodwin into the free agent pool. With only one spot to fill he signed free agent Tobin to help out in the pen. The Bruins have some young superstars in waiting. Will this year be the year that they have breakthru seasons?? If they do we are in touble.PREDICTION:92-70

OUT: Vic Martin , Phil Satou , Benjamin Taylor , Del Bonilla , Chet Brohawn , John Daniels , D'Angelo Solano , Deivi Gabriel , Miguel Sanchez

IN: Jeremy George , Artie Garland , Yorman Velazquez , Saul Valbuena , Brandon Robinson , Phillip Rhodes , Mo Andrelczyk

DODGERSGALES PREVIEW: The Bruins had an off year due to lack of run production.The pitching staff was among one of the best in the league, led by Miguel Blanco. The offense only averaged 4.5 rpg, and to fix that situation, the team will build around young superstars Hipolito Maduro,and Ardolis Guerra. They revamped their outfield by trading for Mo Andrelczyk (cf) and Phillip Rhodes (lf). Jeremy George was acquired via free agency to play shortstop, which allowed Orber Dotel to move to third,and Willie Burgess to move to right field. The total impact of the moves will be a more solid defense, and a tremendously improved (and potentially lethal) offense. The Bruins scored 725 runs, while allowing 754 with a w/l of 78-84.Expect a much different output. The Bruins will score 810 runs, while only allowing 720. That is a difference of 90 runs (9 wins) for a record of 90-72, which should be good enough for second place in the division but no playoff spot.

PREVIEW: Looks like the wait will be a little longer before the Bruins bust out.They won 78 games last year way below my prediction of 92. Last season New Britain had good defense (82 errors-9th), hitting (.270 team BA-12th) with average pitching (4.41 team ERA-18th). In the offseason Dodger let Martin, Satou, Taylor, Bonilla, Brohawn, Daniels go to free agency. Then he released Solano and Gabriel and traded Sanchez.Now with a couple holes to plug, Dodgers signed free agent George and picked up Garland, Velazquez, Valbuena and Robinson in the R-5. Then he traded for Rhodes and Andrelczyk. The Bruins have some very good young players at the ML level. In fact the Bruins have the 3rd youngest team in Wrigleyville ( average of 27.5 years old). And he has more talent in AAA ready to be called up. Looks like he filled the holes with R-5's until the magic 20 game mark. Then perhaps this team gets even younger. Right now they have the talent to win 90+ games, But will they play like it?? I think they will suprise us. PREDICTION:88-74

Chicago Black Sox (AL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Maybe the coaching was the cause of the 75 win Black Sox season. Maybe I put to much emphasis on coaching, we all have our philosophies. Regardless, last years Black Sox had terrible Pitching (5.02 ERA-28th) and below average Defense (.982 FPct-25th). The only bright spot was the average Hitting (.264 BA-17th). In the offseason Dullaghan let Flores and Dodd go to free agency, then released Milligan,Hyzdu and Choi. To fill the gaps Dullaghan signed free agents Tartabull and Wilson. Finally he promoted Yoshi,Stargell,Davis and Montgomery. The signing of Tartabull and the promotion of Davis and Montgomery will help the pitching problem. He promoted Stargell and Yoshi to shore up the defense but they are playing out of position.Stargell doesn't have the range to play 2nd base while Yoshi would make a good 2nd baseman. Chicago is heading in the right direction and could top .500 this year. PREDICTION:82-80

OUT: Chris Dawley , B.C. Palacios , Rafael Sanchez

IN: Danys Mota

PREVIEW: The Blacksox were still in the red last year with 76 wins. They hit the ball really well with a team Batting Average of .274 which was ranked 6th overall. The pitching (5.18 team ERA-30th)  and defense (130 errors-30th) were very near the bottom and thats never good. In the offseason Hacker let Dawley and Palacios go to free agency and released Sanchez. with just a few holes in the lineup, Hacker signed free agent Mota to a nice juicy contract. Chicago has the 5th ranked average salary per player at 4.2 Mil per. Like my high priced Totems, I'm sure Hacker will want a return on his money spent. They will continue to try and outhit thier opponents to win. So if the pitchers get hot also the Blacksox will make the post-season. But that is unlikely right now they are a .500 team or below.PREDICTION: 79-83

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