Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20th Anniversary Team Finalists- Pitchers (Links)

Below are the Links for the finalists in the Starting and Relief pitching catagories. Vote for your 5 favorites in each division and the top 5 will make the first team. 6-10 will be on the second team. We have 4 days to vote. Vote to the left on the sidebar.


Don Dixon

Don Nelson

Placido Telemaco

Tarrik Francis

Edgar Ordonez

Stretch Daly

Hector Padilla

Seth Rando

Ramon Lo

Che Cho

Miguel Blanco


Kordell Gregg

Dan Evers

Hub Taguchi

Apollo West

Yorvit Delgado

Ken Andrews

Davey Wise

Victor Roosevelt

Duke Krivda

Vinny Tartabull

Vinny Goldman

Joseph Hyun

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