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Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: I was right about a division championship for Madison. But I was overly optimistic in my prediction of 91 wins. Good thing Daddio plays in the weak N L North. The Muskies won 84 games with good hitting (.275 BA-8th) average pitching (4.24 ERA-13th) and good defense (.984 FPct-12th). In the playoffs the Muskies were beaten by a tough Burlington team 3 Games to 1. In the offseason Daddio let K Martin and Cruz go to free agency then he released C Martin. He traded Sabel and West to Washington for prospects. With just a few roster spots to fill, Daddio traded for Torres. Madison still has a open roster spot to fill and perhaps Daddio will promote one of the prospects he aquired. Even without the promotion , the Muskelunges have alot of talent and it's just a matter of time before they go on a roll in the post season. They should win this division easily. PREDICTION:93-69

OUT: Bobby Garland , David Cerda , Eswalin Canseco , Harry Megias , Kirk Tomko , Phillip Rhodes

IN: Danny Barker , Carlton Sheets , Esteban Guzman

PREVIEW: The Muskies did win the division but it wasn't easy. With the resurgence of Milwaukee,Chicago and Trenton this division isn't a cake walk anymore. Daddios team won 91 games last year and went into the playoffs as a #3 seed, but were suprised in the first round by the always dangerous Santurce Crabbers. Last year Madison had good pitching (4.10 team ERA-11th), hitting (.272 team BA-9th) and defensive team (80 errors-8th). Dats good!! In the offseason Daddio let Garland, Cerda, Canseco and Tomko go to free agency. Then he traded away Megias, Tomko and Rhodes. With only a couple spots open on the roster, Daddio promoted Barker and traded for Sheets and Guzman. The Muskies are still the one to beat in the N L North, but like I said earlier ,It won't be easy. This is no longer a weak division and they may have to settle for a wildcard berth.PREDICTION:92-70

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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Chicago Bleacher Bums (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: I blew this prediction. The Bleacher Bums took a step back to 67 wins last year. Perhaps it was the decline of the Hitting (.258 BA-26th) which used to be pretty good. The Pitching (5.00 ERA-27th) is still near the bottom but the defense (.985 FPct-10th) made some gains. So not is all lost! In the offseason Hshack let Ransom,Rodriguez,Roundtree,Goldman,Hamilton and Castro go to free agency. Hshack has half his team gone so he needs many,many players.He signed free agents Wright,Goodwin,Clark,Long,Hayes,Flores,George,Crane,Evers and Tollberg. Finally he grabbed Terrero in the R-5 draft. When I look at this team I keep thinking of the Oakland Athletics. The Bleacher Bums are a collection of so called roll players that have some very good abilities and some not so good. The trick will be to put them in the right position to play like a team. If Hshack can do this, he may have something here. Good Luck Chicago .PREDICTION:79-83

OUT: Dan Evers , Cesar Morales , Jeremy George

IN: Bob Hines , Geovany Johnson , Freddie Henry

PREVIEW: The Bleacher Bums finished just about as predicted with 80 wins. I was hoping they would do better, but Hshack is still putting this team together and they are an improvment on the past. They almost made the magic .500 with below average pitching (4.66 team ERA-23rd) and average defense (104 errors-19th). Imagine how much better they would have finished with some more hitting (.255 team BA-26th). I've asked myself that with my own team. In the offseason Hshack let Evers, Morales and George go to free agency. With only a few holes to fill, Hshack signed free agent Hines and picked up Johnson and Henry in the R-5 draft. I look at this M L roster and there are many good players on it. And they have as good of chance as any team in the NL North. PREDICTION: 84-78


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Yep, The Toyotas failed to backup season 18's 93 win season. Trenton won only 69 games last year with terrible Hitting (.250 BA-28th) , a below average Defense (.982 FPct-23rd) , and below average Pitching (4.68 ERA-22nd). In the offseason Sandberg re-signed Alberto Ramirez , Arthur Griffiths , Jeff Terry , Nick McConnell and let Merced,Finley and Clark go to free agency. Then he waived Quantrill and he was claimed by the P-Dogs. Sandberg has some holes to fill so he signed free agents Nichols,Megias and Veras. History points toward a winning season but I'm not convinced. Predicting a Toyota season is like trying to catch a greased pig. Just when you think you've got end up with mud in your face. I'll play it safe and predict.........More Mudd.PREDICTION:81-81

OUT: J.B. Battle , Ben Davis , Antonio Huang , Danys Megias , Luis Rodriguez , Trent Wise , R.J. Roque

IN: Apollo West , Chip Greer , Taylor Towers , Charlie Wyatt , Pedro Lee , Zoltan Dellucci , Will Schoendienst , Rheal Scott , Thom Gates

PREVIEW: What do you know Sandberg took pity on my poor mudd covered face. The Toyotas finished near my prediction. Which has never been said before. Tenton won 80 games with a improved pitching staff (3.96 team ERA-7th). The hitting (.259 team BA-22nd) and defense (.983 FPct-16th) was about the same. In the offseason Sandberg re-signed Leo Charles , Jeff Terry , Alberto Ramirez , Alex Elcano and let Battle, Davis and Huang go to free agency. He released Megias and traded away Rodriguez, Wise and Roque. to replace the talent lost, Sandberg signed free agent West then promoted Greer, Towers, Wyatt and Lee. He picked up Dellucci in the R-5 draft and traded for Schoendienst, Scott and Gates. Sandberg has brought back West to finish his career as a Toyota and also promoted several nice prospects. Then he finished with several trades that sent and brought in talent. At the risk of a face full of Mudd I will predict a better year for Trenton.PREDICTION: 89-73

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