Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Below are the 4 Finalists for this years Durocher award for the best owner in Wrigleyville. Everyone has there own criteria for choosing the best owner. But regardless who wins this years award , all the finalists are worthy canidates.Vote on the left in the sidebar. And Good luck Nominees.

JEFF2106 -- Jeff was nominated by several owners due to his winning ways and trading prowess. Here is what one owner had to say about Jeff.  "He's built a great team and I'm glad he's in the NL"

MARK3313--Mark has always been our Commish and always wins our division. Either way he deserves consideration. This is what one owner had to say why he nominated Mark."I nominate Mark (San Francisco) this season. He keeps churning out dominant teams."

COACH34--Coach came out on top of the tough A L West and that is reason enough for his being a Finalist. One owner had this comment when he nominated Coach. "I'll throw in coach34's name for the Durocher. Simply competing in the AL West is an accomplishment, but actually winning this eye-gouging, crotch-kicking, Lord of the Flies free-for-all cage match of a division merits special recognition."

AARONWAYNE--Aaron Dogs not only Bark...They Bite. He has them back in the playoffs after last seasons hiccup. This owner had this to say about Aaron. "I nominate Aaronwayne. His Fargo team puts the D in Dog. Great defense."

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