Saturday, November 3, 2012

20th Anniversary Team


After 20 seasons of gameplay in Wrigleville its time to reconize the best of the best to ever play. We will do this in 3 parts . First we will select the best Infielders .Second will be the best Outfielders and DH /Utilility players. Lastly we will select the pitchers.
  You will first all recieve an Official ballot for your nominations at each infield position. Each owner can nominate two players at each position. For a player to be eligable for nomination at a position. He must have played a majority at the position he is nominated. This will be calculated by Career Innings played at the said position.
  Then after the accounting firm of Dewey,Cheatum and Howe tabulates all the nominees.  I will post the top vote getters on the Blog and then we can vote for the best. The winners will be on the 20th Anniversary Wrigleyville 1st team and the second place will be on the 2nd team.Then we will move on to the outfield and pitchers will be last.
  I will send your ballots in the next few hours via sitemail. You have until midnight on the 8th of November to send your nominations back to me via site-mail . Now get to scouring the archives for the best in Wrigleyville. Thanks-Mad.

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