Saturday, November 10, 2012

20th Anniversary Finalists Infielders (Links)

Below are the 5 Finalists at each position. The Players below are Linked so click on there names to view their Stats. Then when you have chosen your favorite, you can vote on the sidebar. The Winner will be on the 1st team and second place will be on the 2nd team .


Jamie Delahanty

Mike Hayes

Sammy Gandarillas

Yuniesky Domingo

Ted Dixon

1st Basemen

Vic Velazquez

Rich Rando

Louie Mendoza

Juan Parra

J.T. Nichols

2nd Basemen

Billy Brown

Charles Yamamoto

Phil Barber

Todd Tanner

Vic Chavez

Short Stops

Alexander Stein

Benito Ozuna

Toby Rogers

Ezdra Canseco

Henry Wells

3rd Basemen

Ignacio Sosa

Julio Mercado

Norberto Ramirez

Tsuyoshi Hujimoto

Ahmed Ducey

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