Thursday, November 1, 2012


A Note from Madmuldoon. All my comments are solely my opinion .And my perception is mostly due to my scouting and how many shots of bourbon I've consumed. It reminds me of the picture of 2 snails on the back of a turtle. One snail looks at the other and says "Hang on tight Harold here we Go!!"

The CINCINNATI RED LIGHT DISTRICTS traded Eugenio Espinoza and William Mateo to the AUSTIN CITY LIMITS for Ryan Olshan and 2,000,000
Wylie is raising the white flag but he says this isn't a fire sale.He traded for a pitching prospect with great stamina and a fill in M L catcher. Jeff loves to trade so he picked up a great hitting Catcher who is below average defensivly.  

The AUSTIN CITY LIMITS traded Jeffrey Moreno to the HELENA BARKING MOONBATS for David Villalona and York Champion
Sordie picked up a starting pitcher with a new contract. Wylie recieved 2 nice pitching prospects with low health projections.

Patsy Hartman
Patsy "Cake" Hartman is a Dog that comes from the Prairies of Colstrip MT. He is one of the best Prairie Dogs to ever play the game and will be missed for 2 weeks.His broken finger is almost healed.

Jacob Clayton
Jacob " Ladder" Clayton is definitly a Misfit. The Rookie was having a bad year with a ERA of  6.32 and now will miss 2 months with Elbow Tendinitis.He must have fallen off the ladder.

Jumbo MacFarlane
This was the BIG One for Jumbo "Big Mac" MacFarlane. I still remember almost trading for the Big Mac. Whew, again!! This time he will miss a year with the dreaded shoulder aneurism. Now we know why Sordie traded for Moreno above. My condolences Sordie.

Reed James
Let me just say it's my fault. I jinxed the Coat Factories when I picked them to win the Series.Reed "em and Weep" James will take his new 5 year 92 million contract to the DL for the rest of the season. Sorry Ehull.

Don Nunnally
Don "The Flying" Nunnally is a frequent flier on the DL.He tore his ankle ligament and will be out 2 months. Sorry again Ehull!!

Aaron Boyer
Aaron "nobodys" Boyer spent many years in the Tabaky Farmers farm system. This year he finally got his shot...... and well........Now he's on the DL for 2 weeks. Nobody can say he didn't get a chance.


Enerio Olmeda
Red Light District
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Colen Matanzas, CU
Position(s): 1B
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1.1 million for this good hitting DH. Could play 1st in a pinch.

Augie Jang
Shock Squad
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Yokosuka, JP
Position(s): C
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Minor league defensive backstop.

Andres Lorenzo
Age: 18B/T: S/R
Born: Monte Cristi, DO
Position(s): LF
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4 mil for this speedy LF who can hit lefties.

Rico Mateo
New Britain
Age: 18B/T: R/R
Born: Sabana Grande De Boya, DO
Position(s): P (ClA)
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3.4 million bought this future M L set-up guy.

Rolando Javier
Tampa Bay
Age: 19B/T: S/L
Born: Velasco, CU
Position(s): P (Mop)
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He's a AA/AAA pitcher but a DITR bump could put him in the Bigs.

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