Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MWR Results!!

Okay, here it is, the moment we have all been waiting for! The votes have been tallied, and the winner with 11 votes out of 20 votes is OPTION 1. Meaning our new MWR rule beginning at the start of next season is:

Minimum wins requirement of 55. If a team fails to win 55 games in a season, the next season they must win at east 60 games. If you don't hit MWR, you may make your case to the league if you wish to stay, and your removal will be subject to a majority league vote.

Here was the voting breakdown: and I believe you'll like what you'll see.

Option 1: 11 votes- Hoopcoach07, wishlist3677, dmann2158, jmuhtoff, dodgersgale, mark3313, rbedwell, tchagnon, rugby1, sandberg10, pbsilver11

Option 2: 2 votes- swishnev23, jeff2106

Option 3: 3 votes- ressda, pat007ohmss, madmuldoon

Option 4: 3 votes- hatton98, olemiss33, wylie75

1 write-in vote from mdymond: 55 wins in year 1, 120 wins in year 2, and 189 wins in year 3.

THANK YOU to everyone! From voting, to suggestions, to working towards a soultion. Thank you to the advisory committee for working and doing research to get the options up and to anyone who made a suggestion to help them on their way. As I said on the chat, if you're still on the fence for coming back next year, give the league one more chance. We had 23 seasons of great success and little to no drama. We had almost no rules, and are srill trying to keep the rules at a bare minimum. Next year looks better already, and the drama looks to be in the past. So, I ask you to give us another year.

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