Sunday, December 1, 2013

MWR Vote

Hey all, the time has come to vote on what the MWR rule will be moving forward. This rule will be put into effect at the start of season 25. Below are the 4 options the the advisory committee has come up with.

The way the vote will work is simply which ever option has the most votes will become our new MWR rule. Please send your vote to me through trade chat or site mail. At the conclusion of the vote I will post what everyone voted on the blog.

If you are not planning to return next season I would ask that you abstain from voting. We can not make you not vote, but it would be in the leagues best interest to only have owners who plan to move on with us or are currently on the fence vote on this rule.

The deadline to get your vote in is: Wednesday, December 4th at 11:00pm eastern standard time. Please trace chat or site mail me your vote by then. 

Regardless of which option becomes rule: If you don't hit MWR, you may make your case to the league if you wish to stay, and your removal will be subject to a majority league vote.

(I would suggest taking a look at Sandbergs research which I posted below. Gives a good look at where the lowest amount of wins were by season)

Here are the options for MWR (please vote for only 1):

Option #1: 55 MWR. If a team fails to win 55 games in a season, the next season they must win at least 60 games.

Option #2: 125 MWR over the course of 2 seasons (62.5 average).

Option #3: A team can not win less than 60 games in 2 consecutive seasons.

Option #4: 195 MWR over the course of 3 consecutive seasons (65 average)

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