Friday, December 20, 2013


 Howdy folks! This is the start of our 25th season in Wrigleyville . And after a commish change and some turnover it's mostly the same old group of Curmudgeons playing make-believe baseball. We have several new owners with us this year . Welcome to svick39 , zsiegri , dajack87 and  blitziscomin . May the wind always be at your back.
  This year on the WHIF we will have the season previews and weekly updates. Last year I had time to do mid season reports at the all star break. I think they went well and I have yet to decide wheather to do them this year. In the past we have had several guest reporters do power rankings and we still need a volunteer this year. So if your good with numbers or someone gave you a  groovy calculater for christmas. Let me know, and we will set you up with posting privleges.
  This is the start of my 5th calendar year writing the WHIF. And while sometimes it feels like a chore. Most the time it is a joy to write. I hope I can continue to slog out posts and sometimes entertain . So break out a new bottle of blantons or whatever alcoholic beverage you have handy . Pour a glassfull and raise it to the sky.

 May the errors be few and the homers be great. Only the W I S  Computer can tabulate your fate.
May your draft be great and the IFA's be many. I wish I could sign them for a handfull of Pennys.
Here we go again on a brand new season . Could the departure of Sordie bring civility and reason.
Heres to Hoopcoach our newest Commish. Did you know a Muskellunge is just a Big Fish.
Heres to the re-build of Mark and Rbedwell. Their teams play like crap, pardon the smell.
This game we play is tough and demanding. May your team at the end be the only one standing.

Merry Christmas to all,

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