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Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:   Daddio won the division crown with 99 wins This was due to good pitching (4.00ERA,1.30 WHIP-8th)and defense (85 errors,.986 FPct-8th). The hitting was average (.267 BA-13th) and could be the Muskellunges only weakness. 99 wins were good enough for the #3 seed in the playoffs where they met up with the Jeffs Red Light Districts. Madison was swept by Cincy and thats the 5th straight loss in the first round. Ughh!The Muskies lost some pitching with the departure of James and Fernandez but last years acquisition of Walter Parker and the promotion of Harry Jensen will cover their loss. The adding of McNamara will help the offense and if Daddio promotes Hector Pena from AAA......lookout. I think Madison is a great solid team with alot of upside. They should win this division and go deep in the post-season.PREDICTION:101-61

OUT:  Juan RuizHector RuthBilly EnsbergLuis QuintanillaDarrell FrymanCarlos SenecaVictor Torres

IN:  Joe CunnaneWandy MatosReed JamesDom WoodsWilliam Mateo , Torey AcostaCharley Tenbrink

PREVIEW: The Muskies did win the division and they won it easily. Daddios Big Fish also had the best record in the N L with #4 pitching staff in Wrigleyville (3.89 ERA-1.33 WHIP). They could hit with the best of them too with a team average of .277 (6th) and 900 runs scored (4th).  The defense was average with 103 errors (21st) and a FPct of .983 (19th). In the post season the Muskellunges did go deep into the playoffs as predicted. They found themselves in the NLCS against the Black Bears were they got swept. All in all it was a very good season for Madison and Daddio will get some playoff cash. In the off-season Daddio re-signed Jason Ross and let Ruiz, Ruth, Ensberg, Quintanilla, Fryman, Seneca and Torres go to free agency. He signed free agents Cunnane, Matos, James, Woods, Mateo and traded for Acosta and Tenbrink. I get what Daddio was trying to do by letting Studs Ensberg,Ruth and Torres go to free agency. Pick up some 1st round Type-A picks w comp picks. Then sign some Type-A replacements. This keeps him under the cap and re-loads his prospect cupboard. Well.....didn't go exactly as planned, his prized Type-A free agents only garnered him 3-2nd round picks and 3-comp picks.Bad luck Daddio. Still Reed and James were good pick-ups and the promotion last year of Hector Pena should help fill the void. I don't see this team winning 110+ games this year, but 100 is possible. They will win this division and be trouble for us in the playoffs. PREDICTION:101-61 (Division Winner)

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  Well....Sandberg's Toyotas finished below my prediction and took a step back from 82 wins the year before. They did improve the defense (99 errors, .984 FPct-21st) and the hitting stats (.272 BA-9th). The pitching stayed about the same (4.69 ERA,1.40 WHIP-19th). Makes me scratch my head why Trenton slipped? This is a crazy game...and I know crazy.The acquisition of CF'er Quinn will help the defense and the promotions of the promising prospects will make them better. But with the tough AL East grabbing the wildcards every year. Trenton has to win the division to make the playoffs. I don't see them beating Madison. PREDICTION:85-77

OUT:  Pat StargellNolan O'LearyJohan SullivanJuan PenaIvan TroncosoJerrod LomasneyWill Schoendienst

IN: Alex CubillanAlvin DransfeldtMarv TrombleyZoltan McQuillanDavey ValentineTatsuya Kim

PREVIEW: Sandbergs team is sliding into the ditch. They spun their wheels with a 74 win season where they had the second worst FPct (.980). The pitching (4.53 ERA-16th) and hitting (.265 BA-19th) was the middle of the road, so to speak. After 9 years in Trenton Sandberg moved his team back to Tacoma. I'm not saying the fans welcomed him back with open arms. But the hookers did welcome him back with open legs. In the off-season Sandberg re-signed Pep Handworth and let Stargell, O'Leary, Sullivan, Pena , Troncoso ,Lomasney and Schoendienst go to free agency. He promoted Cubillan, Dransfeldt, Trombley, McQuillian, Valentine and Kim. Tacoma lost some talent to free agency and picked up a few comp picks. They replaced them with some low level prospects from the farm. Looking at their AAA squad , the Toyotas have some good talent ready for the Bigs. Perhaps Sandberg will wait till after 25 games to call em up, and save a year before Arb. Right now they are a sub-.500 team. If he calls up his stashed prospects..... they will be in the wild-card hunt. PREDICTION: 75-87


LAST YEARS PREVIEW:  Hshack was so distraught over spendin all that money and losing ground. He was found roaming the streets in a bathrobe and slippers mumbling incoherently. When it was clear that he could no longer continue as the owner of the Bleacher Bums .The team was sold to noted Curmudgeon, Jaredpaventi. Being a Syracuse native, he moved the team to Buffalo just to stick it to his New York neighbors . He can be seen sitting near the LF foul pole in his red,white and blue lawnchair. Yelling at the players to "Get the Hell off his lawn our he will spray them with the Hose".This is one of the biggest makeovers in league history. And I have no idea if they will be Buffalo Blue Chips or Buffalo Turds? So I asked grumpy McJared that question. He said." Hey if they turn out to be Turds at least they will be my Turds!" Hmmmm.........Words of Wisdom. PREDICTION: (They'll Stink)

OUT: Darron MosesRob McNamaraChris DawleyVicente PrietoPat ClarkBuster O'Connor , Jae YamaguchiAlberto Ramirez

IN: Jose MartinGary GraceJarrod MannAdam HamiltonCarlos SenecaBrian MartinJamie Yang , Haywood StanleyKiki FernandezRigo Barcelo

PREVIEW:  Yep...The Chips were just big flat Turds. Jared bolted to the saftey of his sod home on the range where he can scold his prairie dog neighbors and sing "Dust In the Wind". Dajack was good enough to come in and take over this team in need of some direction. When I asked him how hard it was gonna be getting this team competitive again. He told me . "It'll be no harder then I get at a Pussy Riot Concert." Hmmm.....hard indeed! In the off-season Dajack re-signed R.J. Lima and Pete Penny .He then let Moses, McNamara, Dawley, Prieto, Clark, O'Conner, Yamaguchi and Ramirez go to free agency. Dajack Claimed J Martin and Graces off the wire and signed free agents Mann, Hamilton, Seneca, B Martin and Yang. Finally he picked up Stanley, Fernandez and Barcelo in the R-5 draft. This is a re-build, plain and simple.Chicago will be lucky to win more than 55 games. MWR rule be damned! They do have some tasty prospects in the pipeline. They still need some cooking though. PREDICTION: 55-107

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