Tuesday, January 21, 2014


By Dick B Dragon
staff writer

Juan Parra
San Juan
Santurce Crabbers
Age: 37B/T: L/L
Born: Laguna De Perlas, NI
Position(s): 1B
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The great Juan Parra "Pliers" is this weeks spotlight after proud pappa Rbedwell touted."Juan Parra needs 30 more hits to become the all-time Wrigleyville leader."

 Ralph signed Parra in the season 6 IFA Market with 15 million. He turned out to be the class of the group that included David PinedaFelix Gao and Rico Mateo . He spent 2-1/2 years in the San Juan farm system where he was the S-7 Low-A MVP. Then he was traded to San Francisco in season 8 for Hi Shea and Ryan Holt .At first look Ralph got the short end of this trade, but in the long run Ralph got Parra back in season 13.He traded R.J. Roque , Russell Baez and Glen Hughes to Tacoma to get Parra back. So he ended up with both Shea (Lifetime-147-108, 1.35 WHIP, 4.18 ERA) who was a solid mid reliever and Parra  (3,136 hits, 779 Homers, 2,052 RBI and .323 BA) for several years. You could say in the long run the trade worked out well for "The Professor of HBD". Watch and learn oh ye wee ones of HBD, Ralph will show the way.
  Parra has won both Rookie Of the Year, MVP and a HRD during his brief stay in Tacoma.He went on to win 4 more MVP's ,HRD and 2 Rings with the Crabbers. I had to laugh at my comment in the the-week-in-wrigleyville-s-23-8 when Parra was put on the DL. Where I said "After 17 Major League Seasons, Juan Parra "Pliers" lands on the DL. He will miss the rest of the season and may Retire if not signed in next years free agent market. Will some one take a chance and throw some WD-40 on his  rustyhinges?"
He may be rusty but Ralph is in a re-build and has a 55 gallon barrel of WD-40 on hand, so Ralph took the chance. It's a good bet that Parra Pliers will hold the record for Hits.Homers and RBI's when his career ends. Goes without saying that he is a first ballot Hall of Famer. Like man who dances with wolves said "Good Trade"

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