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Madison Muskellunges (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: It's amazing how Daddio can lose Type-A players to free agency and still win over 100 games. That's how strong his team is and they did win the division easily with the best hitting team in the National League. The Pitching (7th in the N L) and Defense (9th in the N L) was about average but when you can score runs (967 runs-Best in Wrigleyville) like the will win 104 games. In the playoffs ,Daddio's team had a 1st round bye as the #2 seed but for some unknown reason they lost to my Zoids in the DCS.The core of the Muskies are still here with some good free agents added. The N L North is a small pond and Daddio's Muskies are the BIG FISH , they should win it again. Don't know if I could get by them in the playoffs again,but I hope we get to go a second time around.PREDICTION:99-63(Division Winner)

OUT: Charley TenbrinkAndres FerrerEsteban GuzmanSammy SanchezMichael HenryWandy MatosAurelio MercadoGill LaffeySandy Mullins

IN: Beamer TekotteAlcides GilTony WoodClinton GoodwinMax PrietoAlbert CabezaGene WestonDiego ArredondoSteve Davis

PREVIEW: The Muskies are a very good team and they finished close to my prediction and won the division. They had a 15 game lead on the rest of the N L West around roster expansion and coasted to the playoffs.They went into the post season as the #2 seed and beat the Juggernauts in 5. Then in the NLCS they did the improbable ........Beat the back to back champion Black Bears in 5. This was Daddio's first trip to the Wrigleyville World Series and his Muskies gave it a good go.But in the end they couldn't quiet the Vancouver bats and lost in 6. In the off-season Daddio re-signed Eddie Locke and let Tenbrink, Ferrer, Guzman, Sanchez, Henry, Matos, Mercado, Laffey, Mullins go to free agency. He claimed Tekotte off the wire and signed free agents Gil, Wood, Goodwin, Prieto, Cabeza, Weston, Arredondo and Davis. The Muskies lost many pitchers and both catchers to free agency but replaced them with veteran free agents. Most are 30 and older and signed short term. Daddio has his Core of Stars and brings in good solid Major Leaguers to field a good team. They should win the division again. PREDICTION:92-70(Division Winner)

Milwaukee Sturgeon (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: None available.

OUT: Diego AcostaBuzz PersonPascual VargasSidney MartinDon LimHick BoucherGene WestonMule Bennett

IN: Kevin LeonardMarty AllenJuan MarmolDel CorderoStubby KingRob Dean

PREVIEW: Patricks Sturgeons were in the division race early but found them selves 17 games back by the All-Star break. In the off-season Patrick let Acosta, Person, Vargas, Martin, Lim, Boucher, Weston and Bennett go to free agency. He signed free agents Leonard, Allen, Marmol, Cordero, King and Dean. The Sturgeons have the highest cap in the league at 125 million and Patrick has spent 122 million so far. Can money buy you a winner...yes....but so far not in Milwaukee. Perhaps this will be the year? It depends on who fills the remaining  4 open slots on this years Major League Roster. Right now they are a expensive average team. PREDICTION: 81-81

Philadelphia Cheese Steaks (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: This poor franchise, they are the orphan of Wrigleyville. Gbuck44 is the latest owner and chief jock washer. He bought a team with a Cupboard full of prospects ,so he may stick around and see this team at it's best?  Gbuck has the #1 pick and the #5 pick in this years draft so he will add some really good prospects to the bunch already there.To fill out this years roster, Gbuck emptied the minor league cupboard and mostly filled the rest with waiver claims . The trade that brought in Earley will add some power hitting to the line-up. This team is unproven and they may take another year or two before their ready to contend.PREDICTION:70-92

OUT: Johnnie HurstDanny BakerTrent GreenLawrence Taylor , Vic EspinozaYannick EarleyCarlos TatisWillie OchoaBill MedlenPatsy Leon

IN: Luis VizcainoJamie MiyakaziJuan MotaCharley TenbrinkYunesky CruzAl TocaJose Lee , Khalil AusmusJung MasaokaKhalil PryceSam Price

PREVIEW: Gbuck has decided to stick it out for another season . He packed up all the bats and balls in his Buckboard and moved to Philly. He lit out of Scranton pretty fast after word got around that he was leaving.  The buck naked Scrapper fans lived up to their names and chased Gbucks Buckboard to the city limits. By the time he arrived in his new digs in Philly, his wind blown hair made him look like Buckwheat instead of Gbuck. He buccaneer got kilt!! In the off-season Gbuck re-signed Jacque Kobayashi and let Hurst, Baker, Green and Taylor go to free agency. He released Espinoza and traded away Earley, Tatis, Ochoa, Medlen and Leon. He signed free agents Vizcaino, Miyakazi, Mota, Tenbrink, Cruz, Toca, Lee and promoted Ausmus. The trades brought in Masaoka, Pryce and Price. With so many moves I have to go to franchise rankings to make my assessment. Defensively and Offensively the Cheese Steaks are in the middle of the pack . The pitching seems to be a little better. Looks like a average year for the Cheese Steaks, PREDICTION:81-81


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: The Toyotas have been on the decline the last few years and they are finally at the bottom with only 57 wins. The good news is, there is no place to go but up.  Sandberg did pick-up Fausto Johnson , Frank Perez , Rodrigo Cruz and Fernando Marichal in the first round of last years draft.The Rookie Porter and the R-5 Bravo look like future stars. But this team has a way to go before they contend.PREDICTION:67-95

OUT: Alex ElcanoWily Mo MillerEduardo DelgadoJoe Cunnane , Yuniesky Trevino

IN: Julio SotoJaret Jackson , Koji MartinFelipe Flores

PREVIEW: The Toyotas had another bad year and are in the shop getting a overhaul(Sorry Sandberg..I had to do a car thing). While Sandberg hasn't taken the Toyotas apart down to the chassis. He has replaced many of the parts and is adding tasty prospect parts to his farm system. He did however fail to sign the #2 pick overall, but will get a D-pick in this years draft.In the off-season Sandberg let Elcano, Miller, Delgado, Cunnane go to free agency and lost Trevino to the waiver wire. He promoted Soto and Jackson and traded for Martin and Flores. Last year Sandberg called up his blue-chip prospects (Henderson GlynnRich SmartDaniel Ray FlahertyFausto Johnson). The Toyotas have a very good pitching staff with the promotions and with the trades. I think they get to the .500 mark or better. (Late Note from Sandberg: Bump Tyson will be on my ML roster to start the season. ) PREDICTION:82-80

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