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Jackson Black Bears (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: No surprise here, the World Champs repeated and were never really challenged. They won the division and 109 games with the best pitching in Wrigleyville, by far. With pitching that good they didn't need a good offense (13th in the N L) or defense (10th in the N L) to win it all. Olemiss's team went into the playoffs as the #1 seed and beat the Moose in the DCS. Then they took on my Zoids in the National League Championship game. And after I won the first two games , the Black Bears won the next four.  I was Dead Meat!! In the World Series the Black Bears dispatched the Cinderella Salmonbellies in 5 games to claim another Ring. In the off-season Roque and Boucher went to free agency and Cruz was released. There were no spots open after the 3 players went to free agency. And frankly none were needed. This is the same back-to back Championship Team this year. If it ain't broke no need to fix it. Last year I picked the Black Bears to win the National League Championship ,not this year.My Ziods will beat them LOL. PREDICTION:106-56(Division Winner)

OUT: Omar HartmanBruce MontgomeryCookie Bennett

IN: Adam Broxton

PREVIEW: I predicted the Black Bears would not win another World Series because my team would beat them. And they did not win it, but not due to my team beating them. In fact the Black Bears kicked my ass this year in the regular season (Note To self: Don't piss off the Bears). Olemiss's team did win the division with 111 games (Best Record) and were the favorites to win the Series again. In the playoffs the Black Bears beat the Moose in 4 and were upset by the Muskellunges in 5. In the off-season Olemiss let Hartman, Montgomery, Bennett go to free agency and signed free agent Broxton. Olemiss and his Angry Bears are gonna be out for blood after not winning the Series.They are a great team and should win the division. Another World Series Title is probable. PREDICTION:105-57(Division Winner)


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Wish keeps waiting for his team to break the .500 mark, and so do I. It doesn't help playing in a good division with the 2-time Champ. In the end the Juggernauts could only win 75 games due to average pitching (9th in the N L) and hitting (10th in the N L). The defense (5th in the N L) as always was stellar and it's something to build on. In the off-season Lee and Mota left to free agency and Nathan was released. With only a couple roster spots open, Wish promoted Ordonez and Masato. Jacksonville has several good prospects in AAA waiting for "the phone call". Right now this team is a .500 team but maybe some youngsters will get the call and the Juggernauts will win about 87 games.PREDICTION:81-81 or 87-75

OUT: Taylor Towers

IN: Diego Eovaldi

PREVIEW: Wishlist's Juggernauts exceeded my expectations and won 90 games. Then to rub my nose in it, they went into the playoffs as a #6 seed and beat my Zoids in the first round. But then they lost a game 5 on the road to this years N L Champs. In the off-season Wish let Towers go to free agency and signed free agent Eovaldi. The Lone Stars are a power house team and with last years N L MVP  Zip Madson.........well....They will be hard to beat.Texas will be in the playoffs as a wild-card.PREDICTION:92-70(Wild Card)

Austin City Limits (NL)
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LAST YEARS PREVIEW: Wylie can't understand why his City Limits played so badly. And Neither can I!! Last year they did so well.  I thought with most of the same bunch back and a little more experience...well ...they would be just as good. They only won 79 games with poor pitching (13th in the NL) and hitting (11th in the NL). On the other hand Wylie's defense was pretty good, ranked 5th in the National League.Wylie lost pitching this year including 2 of my former rotation pitchers (Zerbe and Liveman).He replaced them with a solid SP (Torcato) and a wild R-5 guy (Hoffman). The 2 are opposite and one cancels out the other.  The addition of Cain and Brooks make a good defense great. The City Limits are like a Box Of Chocolates ,You never know what your gonna get. (thanks Forrest Gump). Average Year methinks (thanks Yoda).Yoda Gump says.PREDICTION: 81-81

OUT: Will BrohawnSergei Rasmussen

IN: Hideki MaDion O'Donnell

WYLIE'S PREVIEW: my team will underperform as usual, although if they always do it, I guess it can't really be called underperforming, can it? I guess they just perform to their level, which I always below what I foolishly expect.

PREVIEW: Whether it's Yoda or Forrest Gump talking , last years City limits underwhelmed. And we knew at last years All-Star break that this team was not going to get to the playoffs. Wylie did add some tasty prospects like Bernard HollandsworthMichael SparksPete MacDougalWyatt Spencer so last year wasn't a total bust. In the off-season Wylie let Brohawn and Rasmussen go to free agency and signed free agents Ma and O'Donnell. Wylie is getting discouraged with the way his team has performed. He still has high hopes for the City Limits and maybe this will be his year. There is the talent there to win but they have to show me some sign of life before I pick them to make the playoffs. PREDICTION:82-80


LAST YEARS PREVIEW: My Magic 8-Ball was on the spot!! It correctly predicted a 68 win season for the Rays. This team was in re-build mode last year and Svick picked up several prospects for the future. He picked up Joaquin Palmeiro in the draft and in the IFA Market he bought Ismael Lorenzo andAngel Nunez and many others. In the off-season O'Brien, Peterman, Cruz, Perez and Ramirez went to free agency.  Osoria was released and Gonzales was plucked from the waiver wire. To fill the holes Svick signed free agents Chang, Ma, Haney,Long and Campos and he promoted Campos and Sanders. Finally he traded for Sandoval and Ming. You know I like the direction this team is heading and they may surprise us this year. Svick brought in a bunch of good players and if they don't break the .500 mark then maybe next year. To hell with next year...Going out on a limb here. PREDICTION:82-80

OUT: Hideki MaChien-Ming ChangAlbert SandovalMiguel TabakaNolan AdamsWandy CorpasAlex Cortez , Albie EstradaKeith LaneDerrick SandersChuck RobinsonRamiro Osoria , Bryan Lombardi

IN: Tony RomeroYuniesky TrevinoDanny BarkerJulio CastilloBobby CollinsThumper Smart , Rip BarmesChip BailesBobby ErdosYunel Suarez , Patsy LeonCollin Davis

PREVIEW: It was a long way down when that limb broke off at the All-Star break. Now that all the contusions have healed. I look back at my brash prediction of a .500 season and wonder why I predicted what I predicted. Must of been the Bourbon,everything looks better after a couple shots, I guess. The Rays only won 59 games last year but did add some nice prospects. He picked up Chin-Feng VanguriDamian Ishikawa in the International market and Chad Bard , Benny Porter in the draft. In the off-season Svick let Ma, Chang, Sandoval, Tabaka, Adams, Corpas, Cortez go to free agency. He released Estrada, Lane, Sanders, Robinson and Osoria and traded away Lombardi. With most the team gone Svick claimed Romero and Trevino off the waiver wire and signed free agents Barker, Castillo, Collins and Smart. He promoted Barmes, Bailes, Erdos, Suarez and traded for Leon and Davis. Well.....That was a complete dismantling of a team. Svick brought in so many players I will have to look at the Franchise standings to see how this team will play.The starting line-up defensively will be pretty good but the offense is near the bottom of the N L in most categories. The starting rotation will walk many a batter but are average in most categories. The Bullpen is below average for the N L. Looks like another long season in Tampa Bay.PREDICTION:70-92

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