Tuesday, February 28, 2017

50 Game Dash Thoughts:

AL Contenders - unless the world ends before the end of the season

1.  St. Louis
2.  Santa Cruz

AL Contenders - if everything breaks their way 

3.  New York
4.  Boston

AL Contenders - Wild Card hopefuls 

5.  Las Vegas 
6.  Dover

AL Contenders - because someone has to win their division

7.  Toronto
8.  Fargo
9.  Cincinnati 

AL -  We'll get them next year!!

10. Monterrey 
11. Charlotte 
12. Louisville
13. Philadelphia 
14. Salem 
15. Colorado 
16. Austin

Two elite teams with a bunch of teams piled in the middle.  No true stinkers in the league.  Austin has the worst record, but should really have four or five more wins.  I also don't see any issues here with any of these franchises and the MWR.  A big FA signing or a few key trades could really reshape the AL.  


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