Tuesday, February 28, 2017

50 Game Dash Thoughts, NL Style:

NL Contenders:  unless, you know, that world ending things

1.  San Juan
2.  Tacoma 
3.  Nashville 

NL Contenders:  Pretty dang good category, but can't get too comfy yet

4.  Colorado Springs
5.  Memphis
6.  Scottsdale
7.  Pittsburgh

NL Contenders:  Good as well, but need a bit more help

8.  New Orleans 
9.  Toledo
10. Syracuse

NL:  See you next year group

11. Atlanta
12. Chicago
13. Los Angeles 
14. Milwaukee

NL:  Real big trouble

15. San Francisco
16. Kansas City

I think the NL has a few more elite teams than the AL and many teams in the middle that if they get hot, look out.  The bottom of the league is also worse compared to the AL.  San Francisco and Kansas City are in real trouble of missing the MWR.  I think SF will meet, but KC  will need to see significant improvement over the last 1/3 of the season.  

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