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This Draft was one of the Deepest I've seen. There are some future Hall of Famers in this batch. I had a great time looking at this bunch of players . You will see just about everything from the Mishandled Prospect to an R-5 Gem and the Studs. We'll do Season 3 after the draft and All-Star break. Oh by the way I did put a claim in for Lima but the Manatee's beat me to him.

Cesar Gonzales
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Jackson, MS
Position(s): SS/IF/OF
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The Honolulu Koas picked this SS at #17 and signed him to 3.1 mil bonus. Gonzales spent 5 years in the 49'ers Farm system and played in 2 All-Star games(RL,AA). He was called up in S-7 and played mostly at SS in the first two years. But this season he has played 15 games in CF and done quite nicely. He has all the tools to be a Top defensive SS/CF that can hit, with his lack of speed as his only weakness. Perhaps when he signs a Big contract in two years he will put up All-Star Numbers. I like this player alot!!

Pedro Mercedes
Age: 28B/T: L/L
Born: Cathedral City, CA
Position(s): P (SP4)
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Pedro(E-320) Mercedes was picked by the Tampa Bay DevilRays(Memphis Blues) and signed for 2.41 mil. Mercedes spent 3 seasons in the Minors where he played like a Volkswagon. He was called up to the Bigs in S-5, and in S-7 he finally started playing like an E-320. So at the start of this season, tchagnon decided to pay Pedro SL-700 Money. He signed a 4 year 24 mil contract. Vroom!!!!

Andre Matthews
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Hempstead, NY
Position(s): CF/CIF/2B/OF/DH
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Andre Matthews was picked by the Durham Bombers(Nashville Posse) and signed for a 2.32 mil Bonus. Matthews spent 4 1/2 years in the minors where played in 2 All-Star games(RL,AA) and walked away with 2 SS awards(RL,AA). When he was called up half way thru S-6 He hit .308. And probably would have been considered for a ROY trophy. But my guess is, he did'nt qualify with enough at bats. He has the potential to be a Star CF'er. We will see if he can overcome his low RH split.

Vic Meadows
Las Vegas
Age: 25B/T: L/L
Born: Pocatello, ID
Position(s): P (SP2)
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Vic(tory) Meadows was picked by the Las Vegas Wesward Hos(Dealers) and signed for a 2.22 bonus. Meadows only spent two seasons at the Minor League level and it has hurt his development. After struggling his first Major League Season he has put up respectable numbers. Until a sore shoulder caused him to miss alot of season 8. And pushed back his development a tad. He just signed a Big Contract with the dealers for 5 years 32.2 mil dollars. He is a good pitcher but i Think he could have been a Super star had he not been rushed along. Perhaps if he stays healthy he may improve more.

Victor Lima
Age: 27B/T: S/L
Born: Connell, WA
Position(s): P (LRA)
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Victor Lima was chosen by the Albuquerque Spartans(Turkeys) and signed for 2.13 mil. Lima has spent his entire career in the Minors where he played in 1 All-Star game. He was called up this season but at this writing he has been designated for assignment. Looks like its back to AAA for Victor. I'm suprised this guy has'nt done better . He has two pitches in the 80's and great control and stamina with right hand splits as his only weakness . I think I'll put in a waiver claim for him.

Nicholas Bevil
Tobacco Farmers
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Leakesville, MS
Position(s): P (SP4)
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The Boston Machine(Indianapolis Indians) picked this SP and signed him for a 2.04 Mil bonus. Shortly after Bevil signed he went on the 60-day DL for Elbow Tendinitis. That slowed his development down, so he spent the next 5 seasons in the Minors and played in 2 All-Star games(AA,AAA). He was called up last season and had a decent rookie campaign, but the injury bug bit him again this year. You guessed it, Elbow Tendinitis. He took a slight hit but should come back and pitch in the Majors. Its a shame he has a bum elbow . He might have been a good one.

Sid Walsh
Prairie Dogs
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Madera, CA
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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Fargo Fightin Bison(Prairie Dogs) picked this player from California and signed him for 3.226 mil. Thats a lot of clams for a late pick but this guy is worth it. He came out as a CF'er but with his low Arm Accuracy he will have to play 2nd base. But that is his only weakness. He Spent five years in the minors where he picked up a lot of hardware. 3 All-Star games(HiA,AA,AAA) ,3 SS awards(HiA,AA,AAA),2 GG (AA,AAA),ROY(HiA) and a All-Star Game MVP(AA). Since his call up in S-7 he has played about average, I think he's waiting to get paid. One note: I noticed he was about 6 points away from reaching his projections and he has great make-up and hasn't been injured much. So how can he be so far away?? I did some digging and found The culprit. He never played in Spring Training until this year!! All you owners that are growing these prospects , you have to play these stars at ST or you give up about 6-10 points in projections. I hope he will continue to improve, He could be a good one.

Quinn Kingman
Age: 26B/T: R/R
Born: Lowell, IN
Position(s): P (SP3)
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The Santa Cruz Knights(Vancouver Totems) picked this JC player and signed him for 1.85 mil. My predecessor did well in grabbing this Solid Pitcher. Quinn(Mr Medicine Women)Kingman spent two years in the Minors and was called up in S-4. In my opinion he could have used 1 more year in the farm system. But when I took over the deed was already done. He has been solid as my #4 SP with a record of 62-41 with an ERA 3.63 and a WHIP 1.23. His stamina is low so if i had a decent bullpen he might have more wins.Nice pick Sonofodin52, Thanks

Buster Griffey
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Anchorage, AK
Position(s): 3B/1B/COF
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Honolulu Koas picked this player from my hometown of Anchorage and signed him for 2.15 mil. Buster(in the mouth) Griffey spent 6 years in the Anaheim farm system. He has a low Health rating. So Sonneboy limited his playing time and brought him along slowly. He was called up in S-8 and has started at RF mostly. He has a low eye rating
so he may strike out a lot. Great job of developing him sonneboy, and making this a good pick.

Glen Hughes
San Juan
Santurce Crabbers
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Arnold, MD
Position(s): 1B/LF/DH
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The Austin Annihilators(Jackson Justice) grabbed this Maryland native and signed him with a 1.66 mil Bonus. He spent 4 years at the Minor League level, where he played in 2 All-Star Games(AA,AAA) and won a SS(AAA) award. Then in one of the Biggest Blunders in Wrigleyville History , Glen Hughes was not protected in the Season 6 R-5 Draft. Ralph snatched this guy up and he won the ROY Award(WOW) hitting .304 and smacked 43 homers. He played in last seasons All-Star game and is one of the best young 1st basemen in our league. Great pick at 26, but better steal by "Ralph the Wise".

Victor Lilly
Age: 25B/T: S/L
Born: Julian, CA
Position(s): RF/1B/LF/DH
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The Syracuse Bonebreakers(Trenton Tripods) signed this California boy for a 1.57 mil bonus. Victor(Tiger) Lilly spent 5 years in the minors, played in 2 All-Star Games(LowA,AAA) and won 2 SS Awards(RL,AA). After hitting 128 homers with a .329 Batting average, he was called up to the Bigs in S-7. Last season he played in his first ML All-Star Game and won the MVP award. This Cat is going to be a Monster with Power and Speed .That 90+ eye and almost 80 Contact will boost him to Super Slugger Status.But he is playing at RF right now and his Arm Strength and Accuracy are a tad low for RF.But hey Great Pick !!

Rudy Watson
Age: 25B/T: R/R
Born: Whitehouse, TX
Position(s): P (SP2)
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The Fargo Fighting Illini picked this Texas Pitcher and signed him for 1.47 mil. Rudy(come here) Watson Spent the first 3 years in Rookie Ball(Why?)and the next 2 at AAA. He was called up to the Majors in S-7 and has been a bust,with a record of 7-21 with a 2.00 WHIP and an ERA of 7.77. The main reason is his control is in the 20's. Anything below 50 and your in bad because he has three pitches in the 70's. Hes back at AAA, Not a good pick.

Apollo West
Tampa Bay
Age: 26B/T: S/L
Born: Middletown, DE
Position(s): P (P)
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The Tacoma Toyotas picked this Super Star Closer from Delaware and signed him for a 1.38 mil(Bargain). Apollo(the God) West spent 4 years in the Minors and won a FOY(AA) and played in 2 All-Star games(AA,AA). He was called up in S-5 and has murdered opposing batters since. West has a record of 76 saves out of 92 opportunities with a 1.04 WHIP and an ERA of 2.32. This in 4 years. Then this offseason he was shipped to the Tampa Bay Stars in a huge trade. We shall see how Apollo fares at a neutral park. He was helped by playing in Pitcher Friendly Tacoma. Super Pick.

Russ Newhouser
St. Louis
Age: 29B/T: R/R
Born: Viborg, SD
Position(s): 2B/CIF/OF/DH
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The Cleveland Renegades picked this South Dakota Native. He was fresh out of College when he was signed for a Spring training invite and 1.29 mil. He started at Rookie ball in S-2. Then in S-3 he was promoted to AA where he stayed on the Inactive list for the entire season. Must have been a log jam of talent,he is to good not to play. The next two years he stayed at AA and played in both All-Star games and won a GG to boot. He was called up in the S-5 roster expansion and won a GG last Season playing 2nd Base. Russ(Et Potato) Newhouser will win more GG's with his good defensive skills and speed. he will not be embarassed at the plate either. But what I like most is his 99 Durability rating. He can play everyday and not get fatigued, NICE. Another Great Late Pickup.

Ryan Weaver
Age: 25B/T: S/R
Born: Green Forest, AR
Position(s): P (SP4)
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The Atlanta Bravos picked this high school pitcher from the hills of Arkansas. He signed a 1.19 mil bonus and was sent to Rookie Ball. He spent 3 years in the minors where he was promoted rapidly. He was called up in S-5 ,Which for his low health rating proved to be Disasterous. He went on the 60-DL after only pitching 20 innings with Elbow surgery. He came back in S-6 with Sand limiting his innings pitched. Ryan(Dream) Weaver has only hit the DL once more(15-Day). He probably will never hit his projections but Ryan is still a decent pitch. If it wasn't for that Elbow surgery he might have been a really good one. Still a good pick.

Paxton Leach
Age: 26B/T: L/L
Born: Rockford, MI
Position(s): P (P)
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The Chicago Olympians(Toledo Christen Beavers) snatched this pitcher from Michigan and signed him for 1.1 mil. Leach Was sent to Rookie ball and went on the 60-DL with the Dreaded "shoulder ligament tear". Then in his second year after coming off of a Major injury. Paxton(Blood sucking) Leach was promoted to AA then AAA and the(If you can believe it) Major Leagues. He went down with another injury, What was that owner Thinking??? The next year he was demoted then traded to the Burlington Moose. Where he spent 3 years playing in AAA. He finally was called up last season and played in 3 games of the Moose's run to the Title. His ERA was 21.00,OUCH. But he's got a WS ring on his hand. he was a nice pick, but was mishandled in his development.

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