Friday, January 1, 2010


Listen up fellow owners we have been attacked by a cyber terrorist. Two days ago it was reported that a couple of trades were changed when they were accepted. Here is the transcripts from the 911 recording.

wow, that was weird. I accepted a trade giving up Joaquin Morlan and he turned into Fausto Fernandez after I clicked ok. ugh
I'm guessing that while I was looking at the trade he changed his asking price. You'd think, though, since the offer changed, it wouldn't let me accept a deal that no longer existed.

I've had some weird things happen on HBD today. I was trying to revise my rotation and pitch counts in another world earlier this evening and it kept switching to some other configurations (not to the default either). So, there is something odd going on.

Hey all- Mark and I appear to have been struck by the Y2010 bug, if you could all veto our trade that would be great.... Jas

same thing just happened with me and justice. i offered something and he accepted something else. what do we do?

mike, send in a ticket to customer support (I just did). Maybe they'll believe me if someone else reports the same problem.

I checked with Wrigleyville Security Chief, Former Homeland Security Chief Michael Brown who said we were indeed attacked by the infamous Cyber Terrorist Osimmy Bin Downloden . I asked Brownie "What are you going to do?" Ole Brownie replied "I have a couple truck loads of ice and 6 FEMA trailers are being transported here as we speak.
" Before I could ask him how the Hell that was going to help. He handed me a statement from WIS Security Consultant Janet Napolitano It read "Liar Liar Pants On Fire". Well my fellow Wrigleyittes we have a problem and it looks as if we are on our own. Where do they get these people???

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