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Lately the discussion is about whether we should have a  live draft in HBD. Sandberg10 states . "I just had to send support a suggestion to allow private leagues to choose a live draft option because I look at the prospect lists every season and see guys near the top who have no business being there and seeing first.It's just like doing a live draft for sim baseball. It can't be that difficult. What else would be more pressing concerning the draft?A live draft takes out all problems with the computer drafting too many of one position or players who have no future way too early. It gives owners more control over their teams, that's the whole point of this have full control over a baseball franchise. We still don't have that with an automated draft. We should probably also have the ability to set training regiments just like other dynasty games but that's a whole other thing."

Then pbsilver chimed in.  "A live draft would be a lot better it is true, but it would be very difficult to find anytime that even a majority of the 36 owners could spend the time. Maybe if they could just do the first 5 rounds."

Shynet also added to the discussion. "Don't get me wrong Sandberg - I'm all for a live draft and I agree that it may not be a monumental challenge to make it work. I was just saying that I believe the devs have shot the idea down pretty succinctly in the past..."

These are just a sample of the opinions of a few owners that have commented on the suggestion of whether we could have a live draft in HBD. I am a big Fantasy Baseball Fanatic. And I always have several teams on Last season we had 12 player leagues and we drafted 9 position players (DH included) ,  7 pitchers (5 starters and 2 relief) and 6 Reserve players (pitchers or position). the drafts usually took about 1 1/2 hours on average. All the participating players had to choose from several Hundered leagues that had different draft start times.

In my opinion it would be almost impossible for HBD to run live drafts . With 32 owners instead of 12 ,How can everyone agree on a time to hold the draft. Not everybody has the same work schedule and most people go to various events in life (ie. Church, School functions, Family nights, Hobbies) . What a can of worms trying to schedule the best time that everyone could participate in a draft. In Fantasy baseball you choose which league to play in based on draft times so if some misses the draft it's their own fault. Owners should not be at a disadvantage, just because they have to work or their child is singing in a school choir on draft night. Don't get me wrong i would love to do a Live Draft. Its great to be in the Draft room and watch the Smack Chat going back and forth . Then drooling over a guy everybody missed , and you snatch him up(Great feeling).

I was going to point out that the time to do a draft with 32 owners and 25 rounds would take several hours . And that their maybe a few divorces if some of us spent that much time in front of the Computer.  Pbsilver and aaronwayne came up with an idea of just doing the first 5 or so picks live and let the computer do the rest. That could work but who knows what the programmers would go thru to set that up?

To sum it up I agree with the first part of pbsilvers comment.  I wish we could do a live draft but with 32 owners we could never agree on a draft time . So i think the way it is now, is best.

*the opinions of the above article are the sole opinion of Doon . And being the Grumpy old fart that he is ,he probably doesn't care about who he offends. So sue him and not the WHIF. If you would like to post your opinion on the matter just sitemail your article to madmuldoon and  we will post it forthwith.(I don't know what Forthwith means but it sounds Kool).

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