Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Theres a New KING in Town

   Hello everyone , It's Madmuldoon .I'm heading to the Corporate Headquarters of the Boston Knights to interview thier new owner ,Avantreal. As I pulled up to the large stone compound there were several armour clad security officers that thankfully did not perform a Full Body probe. After checking my credentials I was free to cross the moat on a giant wooden draw bridge. I parked my Hurts rent a car and was escorted thru the main gate. After several minutes and what seemed like miles I was ushered into a darkly lit room with a giant round table in the center. There sitting in a huge ornate chair was the new owner of the Boston Knights.

   I was deposited opposite his Majesty and sat there in silence until he finished signing several decrees . Then King Avantreal spoke : "What can I do for you? " I blurted out ,Your majesty I am writing a story on your ascention to the throne. He picked up a large tankard and drank with the excess dripping from his beard. then he boomed "What would you like to know?"  Since your successful seige and overthrow of the previous owner .No one knows anything about you . Can you tell my readers a little about your self? The king replied. "My name is James Hendrickson, 36 y/o, a 911 dispatcher, I live with my 6 y/o son and my g/f and her son. Favorite baseball team is the Mariners(lol I know). Favorite memory would have to be the 95 Mariners. If ya need anything else let me know." Wow a 911 dispatcher, very interesting . That is a High Stress job with an occasional humorous call. Sounds like you'll fit in, playing this game. So how did you wrangle this team away from the previous owner? The King spoke. " We laid siege and cut off any escape from the Castle. Then we catapulted several species of animals over the wall. King Mikesons held out until we tossed Rubber Manatees over the wall. They came out screaming and threw themselves in the dirt saying. No more Please for the love of god no more."
I replied :Boy that was extremely cruel . The king then summond several guards and they hoisted me up and carried me to my waiting 74 Ford Pinto. Well I floored the accelerator and the Pinto tore out of there at 23 MPH.

There you have it Wrigleyville Fans . There is a new King in Boston and so far they are Mowing down thier enemies. Long live King Avantreal!!!!

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