Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where are the Chimps?

I recieved this SOS from Wylie. hey mad, can you post something on the blog about where my pitching staff is now? I can't find them.

So I contacted several of my underworld contacts to see if I could locate the Chimps Pitching Staff. And so far i have recieved only this image of one of his Starting rotation.It looks like one of his Starting pitchers is in South Africa visiting relatives and attending the World Cup . When the furry little fellow was asked if he would return to Wylies team. The Drunken Primate said. "Right now FIFA is paying me more Bananas to referee World Cup Matches than Wylie can pay." I'm sorry Wylie but if you can't come up with more Bananas this Chimp will be here until the final match. If anyone has photographic evidence of where The Chimps pitching went please send it to me and i will post it on the Blog!

This is Mad reporting

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