Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrigleyville Power Rankings S11.2

The power rankings are back for another week. New components in the formula have emphasized what teams are doing right now with less emphasis on the whole season.

San Francisco
San Francisco Kickapoos (NL)
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The losses have started to accumulate. Luckily for the Kickapoos, there's a 26 game cushion.
Record: 84-17
Last Week: 1 (0 change)


Just chugging along in Tampa. Not much to report...except for that trade that was accepted this morning.
Record: 65-36
Last Week: 4 (+2)

San Juan
San Juan Santurce Crabbers (NL)
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rbedwell might want to wake his boys up. Syracuse is no longer in the rear-view mirror. They're neck and neck.
Record: 66-35
Last Week: 2 (-1)


The Moose rode a ten game winning streak to close the gap between themselves and the Crabbers. They just need to get over the hump now.
Record: 64-37
Last Week: 7 (+3)

Kansas City
Kansas City Spittoons (NL)
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The Spittoons' lead in the North is expanding. The acquisition of Beck from Tucson should allow the trend to continue.
Record: 64-37
Last Week: 3 (-2)

Helena Barking Moonbats (AL)
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Don't know if sordie is sweating yet, but the Turkeys are closing quick.
Record: 62-39
Last Week: 5 (-1)


Albuquerque is catching up thanks to winning 8 of 10 since the break, three of which against division leader Helena.
Record: 57-44
Last Week: 10 (+3)


So much for losing ground to Indy as referenced last week. The Knights have charged and are now up four.
Record: 57-44
Last Week: 13 (+5)


That extra breathing room the Blues are enjoying can be attributed to taking 3 of 4 at Nashville recently.
Record: 60-41
Last Week: 8 (-1)


The Pandemonium has surpassed the Aztecs for the AL North lead. Now to keep it...
Record: 52-49
Last Week: 16 (+6)


hoopcoach notched his first ever win against the SF juggernaut while also winning seven straight and stealing third from Vancouver.
Record: 51-50
Last Week: 20 (+9)

Charleston Tobacco Farmers (AL)
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As predicted last week, Charleston caught fire. Unfortunately, they've only picked up 2 games on the lead.
Record: 50-51
Last Week: 19 (+7)


The fire sale is underway in Tucson. Wouldn't be surprised to see the Ectoplasm sink in the rankings the rest of the season.
Record: 58-43
Last Week: 6 (-7)


The Posse has slid a bit since last week, falling 3 games further behind division leader, Memphis.
Record: 55-46
Last Week: 9 (-5)


Supersonics fans rejoice! By taking third in the division, Seattle has sent Milwaukee to the basement and made those promo day tee shirts outdated.
Record: 45-56
Last Week: 28 (+13)

Indianapolis Indians (AL)
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What a difference a week makes. The (politically correct) Native Americans were 2 up last week. They're 4 down this week. What happened?
Record: 53-48
Last Week: 11 (-6)


The Crushers survived the pre-All Star break jet lag and managed to grab third in the AL East.
Record: 46-55
Last Week: 22 (+5)


The Aztecs managed to drop out of first. Could be a result of dropping 7 since the break, 3 to the hands of Portland.
Record: 51-50
Last Week: 12 (-6)


Tacoma avoided the brooms against Kansas City, but now they need to fend them off again, this time against Seattle.
Record: 48-53
Last Week: 17 (-2)


Jackson surrendered sole possession of third. They need to take advantage of the road trip to Fargo to get full custody back.
Record: 50-51
Last Week: 14 (-6)

New Orleans
New Orleans Hip Waders (NL)
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Much the same as NL South leaders Tampa, the Waders are just chugging along. Unfortunately, they're chugging along in third rather than first.
Record: 43-58
Last Week: 27 (+6)


Looks as though the Manatees are ready to go belly-up with the trading of Lo.
Record: 47-54
Last Week: 18 (-4)


The Totems fell to fourth in the NL West, a place they haven't been since....the end of last season.
Record: 47-54
Last Week: 15 (-8)


The good news: three game lead over St. Louis. The bad: it's for third in the division.
Record: 37-64
Last Week: 29 (+5)

San Diego
San Diego Salmonbellies (AL)
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Things might be looking up for the Salmonbellies, winner of three of their last four.
Record: 41-60
Last Week: 26 (+1)


If the record after the break is any indication (2-8), the Howlers have a long second half ahead of them.
Record: 44-57
Last Week: 21 (-5)


drewaely probably wants to cancel any further trips to Albuquerque for his snakes (dropped four by a combined score of 56-24).
Record: 43-58
Last Week: 23 (-4)

Toledo Christian Beavers (NL)
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The Beavers managed to split a 4 game set with San Juan. They needed to because they were in the midst of a 10 game losing streak before.
Record: 40-61
Last Week: 25 (-3)

St. Louis
St. Louis Silver Hawks (AL)
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The Hawks are in a four team battle for next season's top draft spot. Problem is that they're in third.
Record: 34-67
Last Week: 30 (+1)


I was hard on the Sturgeon last week, so I'm trying to take it easy on them. Unfortunately for pat, the Spittoons are not.
Record: 38-63
Last Week: 24 (-6)


The post-All Star break record (2-8) makes me believe the Chimps are more interested in flinging poo than playing baseball.
Record: 31-70
Last Week: 31 (0)


The Tripods are bringing up the rear in the power rankings again. If they can get that to better translate in the W-L, they'd have the top spot in next season's draft.
Record: 33-68
Last Week: 32 (0)

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