Saturday, May 25, 2013


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Special Note: I only recieved nominations from 5 owners this year. Hopefully we can get more participation next year. Thanks to all who sent in their nominations.

Mark3313- Mark's San Francisco Kickapoos are a perenial force in Wrigleyville and he works hard as commish in order to keep this World one of the best. These are 2 very good reasons why he was nominated. This is what one owner had to say when nominating Mark- "Mark - has a top team year in and year out. His level of success over the long haul has been amazing."

Mdymond- The Salmonbellies are having the best year in franchise history. Mdymond took over a team in distress in season 9 and has built Salem in to a juggernaught. Here is a comment from one owner."In the power that is the AL West,he has methodically built the team up to where they look like the favorite as we head towards the postseason. 105 wins and counting...a great job of building a contender and keeping them trending in the right direction."

Goldenbaer88- Goldenbaer took over this team 3 years ago and it looks like his Bruins will win the division. This team is on the right track and it's due to a savy owner.Here is what the nominating owner had to sy about Goldenbaer. "I nominate golenbaer88 because he deserves it "

Madmuldoon- I was the only other owner to recieve a nomination. It was due for my work on the Blog, because my team stinks. This is what a nominating owner had to say "Nomination: madmuldoon, the heart of Wrigleyville"

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