Friday, November 1, 2013


Salem Salmonbellies


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Mdymond let Acosta, Mcknight and Mendoza file for free agency and released Taylor. Then he traded Qiunn. The only player added was Flores. He was promoted from AAA. Salem doesn't have good contact hitter but they have power.Defensively the Salmonbellies are solid and won't embarass. The pitching rotation has the best splits in the AL but the bullpen is much weaker. This means the Salmon bellies will be a strong team and may give up some leads late. PREDICTION:97-65

AT THE BREAK:  Salem is on pace to win 108 games which is much better than my 97 win prediction. I was correct in my prediction that the pitching was the star. They have the 3rd best ERA (.442) in the AL and have only given up 402 runs. The defense was predicted to be solid and they have exceeded expectations with only 45 errors. The hitting has been a plesant suprise , they lead the AL with 593 runs 225 homers and 583 RBI's. Looks like Mdymond has a very good team and will make the playoffs but the division title is still up for grabs with the Moonbats on their tail.

Helena Barking Moonbats


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Sordie let Cookson file for free agency and traded away Rodgers. He signed free agent Hines and traded for Stevenson. This is the same Sordies mashers with a couple tweaks. And Sordie Knows Tweakers. The Barking Moonbats wil hit the ball very well and Win at least a wildcard berth.PREDICTION:95-67

AT THE BREAK: Helena is Tweaking good and Sordie knows tweaking. The Moonbats are on pace to win 96 games ,that was really close to my prediction. And it was a easy call to tout about their hitting prowess. They lead the AL in batting average (.294), OBP (.365), OPS (.901), hits (950). The defense has been solid with only 54 errors. The pitching is the only thing holding this team back. They are near the bottom in ERA (5.15) , OAV (.290). They have allowed 952 hits and 495 runs which is the 3rd most. If the Moonbats shore up their pitching, the Fever will run rampant again. Moonbat Fever...catch it now!

Arizona Cobras


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Swish re-signed Corey O'Brien and let Estrada, Mann, Grossman and Wood leave for free agency. Then he released Suzuki and traded away Mateo, MacFarlane, Peterman, Cogan, Allen, Rios, Padilla and Pena. With a bunch of holes to fill Swish signed free agents Pimental, Richard, Morales, Walker, Marmol, Bocachia, Delgado, Conway, Cookson and Corbin. He promoted Shin and traded for Crawford and Little. Swish kept a core of key players and got rid of the rest. With a bunch of Shrewed trades, Swish re-loaded the farm system with tasty prospects. He had some cash and signed several bargain players to keep the Cobras in the mix. I think Arizona took a little step back in talent but set themselves up for the future. PREDICTION:96-66

AT THE BREAK:  The Cobras are on pace to win 84 games but they will never make .500. Why you ask? Simple. Swish is re-tooling by selling off all the talent to bring in prospects and free up salary. He could turn this into a re-build but we won't know for sure until the hot stove season. The only thing we have to go on right now was his distress call that went.......... " ship be sinkin'. send me offers for anyone and everyone"............That and the fact that Arizona had the highest cap at 128 million and now the overall salaries owed are 105 million. Which makes me lean towards a re-tool. One thing is for sure the Cobras will miss the playoffs this year.

Cheyenne Bagwell Bashers


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Sonneboy re-signed Ricky Mann , Thom Gates the rest of the departures were free agents. All the additions were low level free agents and waiver wire pick-ups. The promotion of  Ramsey is the only addition of note. The Bagwell Bashers are looking to the draft and IFA  to re-build this team. PREDICTION: 60-100

AT THE BREAK:  The Bagwell Bashers are right on target to a 100 loss season.No suprise. Sonneboy is on vacation and has this team on auto-pilot at the writing of this article. This club picked up a couple of very nice prospects in the draft but has been shut out in the IFA so far. What ya waiting on Sonneboy...Get ya some of that IFA Booty!!! This team will  get a top 5 pick in next years draft.

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