Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wrigleyville Advisory Committee

Hey guys, I have officially put together the 7 member advisory committee. I tried to choose owners who have been in the league for some time, owners who have had different levels of success, owners who have been active in the league and owners who have built teams through different means. The plan is to have advisory committee members serve for 2 seasons, and at the end of 2 seasons there will be opportunity for AC members to be replaced (Edit: Season 24 will not count as one of the two seasons since we are at the end of the season. These AC member's "term" will be for seasons 25&26). The process for doing so is yet to be determined but will be soon. I thought it was important to get the AC together first. The replacement process could be done by a vote, nominations, replaced by the commish or if a member steps down or leaves the league.

The 7 members are:

  • Swish
  • Pat
  • TC
  • Mad
  • Rugby
  • Sandberg
  • Jeff
I originally said it was going be a 6 member group, but I decided on 7 as to try and avoid ties in any votes they have. If for some reason there is a tie, I will break the tie. 

The advisory committee's first order of business is to determine what the "Minimum Win Requirement" will be. The MWR is beginning at the start of next season, and it is my hope that we have a set standard by the end of the playoffs this season. My suggestion as of now to the committee is a minimum win total of 55 for 1 season and a total of 120 for two. I've had a discussion with rbedwell and he believes having a requirement for one season may not be necessary, and we only need 2. The reasons I suggest 55 for one season is to avoid having owners stash their ML talent in the minors for a season, lose a lot of games, get a high draft pick and in the following season bring everyone up and win 70+ games to meet the 2 season requirement. 

Suggestions for what the MWR can be made by anyone in the league. Feel free to post on the chat or send suggestions through trade chat to myself or any of the AC members. From there the AC will narrow it done to what they think is best and if they aren't in total agreement on one standard they will vote. 

Anyone not meeting the MWR will be subject to being expelled from the league. However, I know there are times MWR won't be met even as an owner tries as hard as they can to get wins. I've been there. That is why you can appeal the decision if you don't meet the MWR, and you will state your case not only to the league but more importantly to the AC. To be expelled from the league it will require the AC vote and confirm the expulsion after the owner has had a chance to state their case. 

For the AC to come to a decision through a vote, the choice with the most votes from the AC will be their decision. In other words, the majority doesn't have to be 60% or 75%. In most case there will be two choices for the AC to vote on. 4 votes out of the 7 will be enough.

My hope is whatever is decided as the standard for the MWR will be the simplest possible. I'm not looking to make the league complicated or drastically change how you run your team. Just trying to keep things fair and drama free. 

That is all for now. Thank you for your time. Thank you to the advisory committee members for accepting this role. And good luck to all those in the playoffs (unless you're playing Salt Lake!)

***If you have a suggestion for the MWR please get it to me, an AC member or post on the chat asap, so they can go to work***

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