Friday, November 1, 2013


Madison Muskellunges


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Daddio re-signed Sammy Sanchez and let James, Woods and Fernandez go to free agency. Then he traded away Franco and Owens. Now with a few gaps in the line-up Daddio claimed Ferrer off the wire and promoted Baerga. He picked up Lopez in the R-5 and traded for Lee and McNamara. The Muskies lost some pitching with the departure of James and Fernandez but last years acquisition of Walter Parker and the promotion of Harry Jensen will cover their loss. The adding of McNamara will help the offense and if Daddio promotes Hector Pena from AAA......lookout. I think Madison is a great solid team with alot of upside. They should win this division and go deep in the post-season.PREDICTION:101-61

AT THE BREAK:  Daddios Muskies are on a tear and have the best record in the NL. My prediction of 101 wins looks low right now but we still have a ways to go. This team is about hitting and they lead the NL in OPS (.830) Runs (514), Homers (154), RBI's (503), OBP (.344) and SLG (.486). The pitching is good with a 1.37 WHIP and ERA of 4.11. The chink in their armour is a porous defense (59 errors) but they do have 35 + plays to make up for the boots. Madsion has a huge lead over second place Trenton and will win this division. They also are a favorite to get a first round bye and Daddios team will be dangerous in the playoffs.

Trenton Toyotas


PREVIEW: In the off-season Sandberg re-signed Juan Pena and let Delgado, Tejeda, Ruffin, Guerrero and Ramirez go to free agency. To fill the holes Sandberg promoted Morehead, Fernandez, Sojo and Duran and traded for Quinn. The acquisition of CF'er Quinn will help the defense and the promotions of the promising prospects will make them better. But with the tough NL East grabbing the wildcards every year. Trenton has to win the division to make the playoffs. I don't see them beating Madison. PREDICTION:85-77

AT THE BREAK:  Ah...the up and down Toyotas are having a tough go of it this year. With only 43 wins they will have to floor it to hit my 85 win prediction. Trenton has a good offense , they are 4th in batting average (.271) and 5th in hits (875),but only 13th in runs scored (422). The low runs scored may be due to grounding into 96 double plays. The Toyotas have commited the most errors (73) and it may have contributed to them allowing 497 runs to score. Sandbergs team has little chance of a wild card berth unless they fix the defense.

Milwaukee Sturgeon


Buffalo Chips


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Jared let players above Gabriel thru James go to free agency. Then he released Ramirez and traded away Boucher, Chang, Lukasiewicz and Lansing. Jared turned up the water pressure and hosed all of last years team out the door. Now he must find a team so he signed free agents Walker, Lima, Green, Ramirez, O'Conner, Yamaguchi, McNamara, Taylor and Prieto. Then he promoted Franco, Terrero, Yerkes and Schwartz and traded for Weathers, Koloff and Moses. This is one of the biggest makeovers in league history. And I have no idea if they will be Buffalo Blue Chips or Buffalo Turds? So I asked grumpy McJared that question. He said." Hey if they turn out to be Turds at least they will be my Turds!" Hmmmm.........Words of Wisdom. PREDICTION: (They'll Stink)

AT THE BREAK: The fans of the Chips are wearing clothespins on their noses at all the games. Buffalo keeps churning out fresh turds and the smell has gotten the attention of the EPA. They have issued Air Quality bulletins when the Chips play at home (17-25). Jareds guys are near the bottom in hitting and pitching and are not in contention for the playoffs. It will be Buffalo Baseball as usual with the Chips hitting the fans and the fans hitting the Chips.

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