Friday, November 1, 2013


Burlington Coat Factory


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Ehull re-signed Esmailyn Silva and let Lawrence, Guerrero, Guthrie and Bittle go to free agency. He signed free agents Silva , Rekar, Lim and Acosta. When you win a World Series let alone 3 in a row. Your players want to get paid and there are many teams who are willing to pay them. So Ehull had to let several key players go to free agency and pick up some replacements that wouldn't break the bank. When you lose as much talent as Burlington did, it's hard to overcome. The Coat Factories will be competative...but.... I think they will fall short of 4 in a row. PREDICTION: 95-67

AT THE BREAK:  The Coat Factories are on pace to win 93 games at that is close to my prediction.93 wins is below what Ehulls team has done in previous years .So the prediction of the decline of the 3 time world champs looks profetic. But this team is still very good and should not be taken lightly . Burlington still has great pitching and defense . Both are ranked #2 at the break and pitching with defense will get you far. The hitting is the second worst in the NL and if the bats start singing we could be in for a 4th verse of Queens "We Are The Champions". Cincinatti is the only team giving Ehulls team a run for the division. It's a 2 team race and 1 will nab a wildcard berth.

Cincinnati Red Light District


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Jeff let re-signed Grant LaRocca and Dion O'Donnell and let Herrera, Maloney, Pimentel and Kojima go to free agency. He traded away Baez and Manzanillo. Jeff signed free agents McKnight and Pena and traded for Giovanola, Goodwin and Allen. It's all about pitching in Cincinatti and Jeff brought in some good free agents and traded for another good pitcher. He also landed a young Hooks Giovanola who may get off the pine if the Red Light Districts have a injury. Jeff always puts together a good team and this year is no different. The RLD's should at least get a wild-card and may win the division with the decline of Burlington.PREDICTION:95-67

AT THE BREAK:  The Red Light District are on pace to win 89 games which may get them in the post season. A division championship is not out of the question with the best batting average in the national league (.282) . The pitching and defense is in the middle of the pack and with a upgrade here or there. It could put them over the top. I traded Mike Karnuth to Jeff last year and he is making me regret that decision. But there is no crying in baseball and who hasn't regretted a trade or two.

Syracuse Moose


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Rugby let Henriquez go to free agency and released Howell, Hubbard and Snyder. We are 11 games into the season and the Moose still have 5 roster spots open. I looked at the AAA players and there are many tasty prospects waiting for the call-up. I think Rugby will bring them up soon and the Moose will give the Coat Factories a run fer their money. They have a great chance of winning the division.PREDICTION:95-67

AT THE BREAK: I had high hopes for the Moose but they trampled them so far. I'm sure Rugby is disappointed in the performance of his team and right now they are projected to win only 75 games. Thats 20 below my prediction. The hitting and defense are the reasons for this years record. 69 errors have lead to 44 unearned runs. And with only 427 runs scored as a team, there is no margin for the Errors. It's not too late for rugby and his Moose to make the playoffs. They still have 27 million in cap space and could make some moves before the trade deadline.

San Juan Santurce Crabbers


PREVIEW:  In the off-season Ralph re-signed Jack Stewart and let Marichal, Borland, Bonilla, Andrelczyk and Bevil go to free agency. He released Campos, Baker, Handworth, Belinda, Bocachica, Corpas and Martinez. Ralph claimed Tatis, Valbuena, Piedra, Jackson and Masato off the wire. He signed free agents Gil and MacDougal and promoted Moran. No secret here folks. The Crabbers are in a re-build and this years M L squad is made up of old free agents and young waiver wire pick-ups. Maybe some will prove good enough as trade chips. But regardless, San Juan will be picking up IFA's a good draft prospects for the future.PREDICTION 60-100

AT THE BREAK:  Ralphs Crabs are on pace to win 52 games and continue to pick up prospects for the future. When Ralph isn't scouring the scouting reports he can be found on the beach with a jug in one hand a Senorita on his face. My Mother always warned me that sex will make you blind, a Senorita on the face will definatly hamper your vision. San Juan will duel San Francisco for the right to pick first in next years draft.

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