Tuesday, February 4, 2014


New Britain Bruins

RECORD: 59-32

PREVIEW:  In the off-season Dodger re-signed Jeremy George and let Alvarez, Pena, Rodriguez, Sauer, Robinson and Vaughn go to free agency. He signed free agent Brow to fill out his roster. Last year Dodger called up youngsters Gill Hartzell  , Adam Green , Esmailyn Figureoa and Gio Francisco and looks as if they're in the Bigs to stay. New Britain will finish with a division win with the Misfits and P-dogs finishing close behind.PREDICTION:100-62

DODGER's BREAK TAKE: cruising along and not having to watch my back for once (where is Fargo and Minny?). Looking at the #2 spot in the AL playoffs and praying we don't lose Blanco at seasons end. This could be our final shot with a good pitching staff with a true ace. I will throw EVERYTHING at him to keep him.

AT THE BREAK:  This was a easy call. The Bruins are on their way to a division win with a insurmountable  lead on the other teams. This is one of the weakest divisions and look for Dodger to be resting his guys late in the season for a playoff push. Right now the Bruins are on track to win 105 games and they should get a first round bye. Dodger's guys Are all about pitching a defense. They have the best ERA (3.62) and Whip (1.23) in the A L . In the field they only gave up 35 errors (1st) and 53+ plays with only 4 negative plays are also ranked #1. With Pitching and defense like that the Bruins average offense is plenty good to win allot of games. New Britain will be hard to beat in the playoffs.                                               

RECORD: 44-47

  In the off-season Hacker let Woods, Baez, Guerrero,Mota and Burks go to free agency. then he signed free agents Ruiz and Belliard and picked up Watkins in the R-5. Hacker continues to hand out big signing bonuses, 5 million for both Ruiz and Belliard. In the long run this will make future payrolls low and that may be his strategy. Ruiz will help the defense at the hot corner, and it's hard to believe this team is so bad at defense with a GG Cf'er. Maybe it's the lack of a good shortstop? None the less , The Black Sox are another one who will try and outscore their foes. It may prove to big of a hill to climb? PREDICTION: 82-80

AT THE BREAK: The Black Sox are near the .500 mark but out of the division race. Their problem is obvious......they give up too many runs. So many that a very good offense can't overcome the mountain of runs allowed. The only mountain higher is the mountain of cash paid to his players. Right now they are getting 98 million ,one of the highest payrolls in the league.Hackers team will continue to hemorrhage runs and cash the rest of the year.  

RECORD: 38-53

  In the off-season Aaron re-signed Johnnie Hurst , Harry Suarez , Raul Castillo and let Brea, Teahen, Perez and Ontiveros go to free agency. He sent Mota packing and he was picked up by Frisco. Then he signed free agents Dawley, Leonard, Locke, Vincente  , Dodd and promoted McNamara, Redondo and Torcato. The youngster McNamara is finally ready to play a full season in the bigs. And if he plays up to his ability, that alone will improve the P-Dogs.Dawley and Leonard are good offensive players and Dodd was a multi GG shortstop on the decline. Looks like the P-dogs will try and out score their opponents with great hitting and poor pitching. Another average year in Fargo. PREDICTION:81-81

AT THE BREAK: The P-Dogs have crawled in their holes and refuse to come out. They are on pace to win about 65-70 games. Right now Fargo is giving up more runs than they are scoring and will be lucky to reach my prediction of 81 wins. That may be why Aaron is throwing in the towel on this year . he posted:
I'm open to trading just about everyone on the roster. I've got two, nicely priced power bats, some solid defensive players, no pitching, but there's something out there for everyone
See ya next year P-Dogs . Then they may come out in the sunshine.

RECORD: 38-53

PREVIEW:  In the off-season PB re-signed Livan Mercado and let McConnell, Caufield and Everett go to free agency. He released Resop and Martin and waived Canseco and Aurilia. Then he signed free agents Pena and Surkamp and traded for Little, Roque and Torres. Minnesota improved the pitching with Surkamp,Little, Roque and Torres. They also brought in a good defensive player in Pena. With the improvements PB's Misfits are gonna be in the division race. And it may come down to who has the least amount of injuries. If not the division they will be in the wild card race.PREDICTION:94-68(Wildcard)

AT THE BREAK:  We have been discussing the fall of the Misfits on the chat. I have been scratching my head at the Misfits downward slide. One owner pointed out the hole in the 2nd/ Cf/ Rf defense and that could be the cause. But this years Misfits score 1.2 runs less per game and that is hard to overcome. PB made a trade and brought in slugger Javier Lopez ,who may help drive in more runs. Right now Minnesota is on track to win about 70 games and miss the playoffs. So much for my prediction.

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